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The Titans Rhea and Cronus.

This page is about the species. For the character page, see Titans.

Titans are immortal, humanoid deities in Lore Olympus. They were the preceding generation of Gods and Goddesses, prior to the Olympians. Before the war with the 6 Traitors, the Titans were the main authority over other beings, with Kronos being the previous chief deity. Many of the Titans, such as Kronos and Rhea, had children who would end up usurping their places and becoming the main pantheon of Gods worshipped by mortals. Most, if not all, of the current Olympians are descended from the Titans. The 6 Traitors happen to be the respective offspring of some Titans.

The reign of the Titans under Kronos' leadership was apparently a rather dark rule, with the leading Titan being said to be a tyrant.

List of Titans


  • Helios- Titan God of the Sun.
  • Leto- Titan Goddess of Sun.
  • Styx- Titan Goddess of the River Styx.


  • Kronos- Titan God of Time.
  • Metis- Titan Goddess of Wisdom,
  • Rhea- Titan Goddess of Motherhood and Serenity.

Location Unknown

  • Nyx- Titan and Primordial Goddess of the Night.
  • Prometheus- Titan God of Fire.


The size of Helios compared to two Gods and a nymph.

Titans are large, humanoid beings. Most Titans appear similar to Gods in that they have a multitude of different hair and skin colors. However, Titans are much larger than present-day Gods, dominating the area around them. Titans easily tower over other immortals, mortals, and even parts of the landscape, including trees and buildings. Leto appears to be the exception to this rule, as she is the same size as present-day Gods. It is possible that Titans have the power to alter their sizes, in the same way that some Gods and Goddesses can become Titan-sized. Most of the Titans wore clothing suited for the Mortal Realm, such as Greek robes. Helios, a Titan currently under control of the Olympians, wears a modern work shirt while performing his duties on Olympus.


Most of the Titans appear to have lived in the Mortal Realm, where they were worshiped as the primary pantheon of Gods. Approximately 2,000 years ago, the Titan Rhea gave birth to Hades. Her husband Kronos, learning of a prophecy that stated his children would usurp him, grew paranoid. Allowing Rhea a few years with her son, Kronos soon grew impatient and demanded she hand him over. Rhea attempted to hide Hades from his father, but Kronos easily discovered him and consumed him, to Rhea's shock and horror. Kronos would repeat this pattern with his son Poseidon and would attempt to with Zeus, but would be fooled by Rhea's interference.

Zeus would eventually free his brothers from inside Kronos, although both would sustain injuries.

At a later time, the Titan Metis consoles her daughter Hera and tells her to help change Hades' bandages. Hera mentions that Hades has been alone for 13 years, presumably the amount of time he was imprisoned within Kronos. Metis also mentions that a war with the Titans is approaching.

Helios in chains.

Although the specifics of the war are unknown, the young "traitors" would emerge victorious and become the new ruling order of deities. Kronos' sons split the sea, sky, and Underworld between them and became the Kings of their respective realms. The Titan Kronos was imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus, while the Titan Helios was chained by the Olympians into a life of servitude. The Titan Nyx briefly appears to Hades while he is unconscious, and refers to her location as "the darkness," although it is unknown if she is a figment of Hades' imagination. The Titan Styx remains in the Underworld performing her duties. It is largely unknown if the other Titans remain active or where they reside, even as some of them sided with the Olympians or remained neutral during the war.

In Greek Myth

In Greek mythology, the Titans were the pre-Olympian gods. According to the Theogony of Hesiod, they were the twelve children of the primordial parents Uranus (Sky) and his mother, Gaia (Earth), with six male Titans: Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus, and Kronos, and six female Titans: Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, and Tethys. Descendants of these Titans are sometimes also called Titans.

  • Helios was said to be the Titan son of Hyperion and Theia.
  • Metis and Styx were the Titan daughters of Oceanus and Tethys.
  • Nyx was said to be born of Chaos, itself the first thing to exist, from which followed the mother of the Titans, Gaia.
  • The 6 Traitors were said to be the children of Kronos and Rhea, who later usurped the Titans in a war known as the Titanomachy. However, in Lore Olympus, Kronos and Rhea are the parents of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon, while Metis is the mother of Hera.