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Season 2 is the second season of Lore Olympus. Season 2 began 50 days after the end of Season 1, on August 2nd, 2020.


Chapter Cover Episode # Title Editor Publish Date
116 In Plain Sight Bre Boswell August 2, 2020
Zeus gets stressed out. Artemis entertains Demeter. Eros has an unexpected visitor. Hades has questions. Meanwhile, Persephone is nowhere to be found.
117 The Search Bre Boswell August 9, 2020
Artemis, Eros, and Ampelus arrive at Hades' house looking for Persephone. Artemis realizes she may not have been paying as much attention to her friend as she could have.
118 No Respect Bre Boswell August 16, 2020
Hades gives Ampelus some advice before the group splits up to search the realms for Persephone. Zeus arrives home in a foul mood.
119 Once, I Was a Goddess Bre Boswell August 23, 2020
Hera reminisces over the life she had before she met Zeus. Eros and Artemis work up the courage to call Hera. Hera begrudgingly agrees to fool Demeter by disguising herself as Persephone.
120 The Lunch Date Bre Boswell August 30, 2020
Demeter and a disguised Hera go out for lunch. Apollo notices Persephone and tries to get her attention. Hera reveals herself.
121 Seen Bre Boswell September 6, 2020
Hades asks Hecate for help finding Persephone.
122 Combing the City Bre Boswell September 13, 2020
Zeus decides to get to the bottom of things. Hades and Hecate continue the search.
123 The Owner of This Comb Bre Boswell September 20, 2020
Hades discovers that the comb he gave to Persephone has been sold at a pawn shop.
124 Body of Evidence Bre Boswell September 27, 2020
Apollo asks for Hera's blessing to marry Persephone.
125 A Tree Bre Boswell October 4, 2020
Zeus does reconnaissance. Hermes discovers that the secret is out.
126 The Rub Bre Boswell October 11, 2020
Hermes makes things very clear with Minthe and Thanatos. Persephone is wanted.
127 Artistic Rendition Bre Boswell October 17, 2020
The brothers have a meeting.
128 Overgrown Bre Boswell October 25, 2020
Hades finds Persephone.
129 Overgrown (Part 2) Bre Boswell November 1, 2020
Persephone recounts the circumstances that led to her current situation.
130 The Guest Bre Boswell November 8, 2020
Persephone gets situated at Hades' house. Eros drops in for a visit.
131 Interview with the Barley Mother Bre Boswell November 15, 2020
Persephone tells Hades her version of the story.
132 Handkerchief Bre Boswell November 21, 2020
Persephone and Hades watch the tape of their first meeting.
133 Wealth Bre Boswell November 29, 2020
Hades tells Persephone about his childhood.
134 Maybe She's Both? Bre Boswell December 6, 2020
Persephone and Hades spend the day together incognito. Minthe gets rejected.
135 Muted Bre Boswell December 13, 2020
The Olympians have a zoom meeting.
136 Not Mistaken Bre Boswell December 20, 2020
Hera seeks out Persephone's truth.
137 Trust Bre Boswell December 27, 2020
Hera confronts Persephone based on the vision she saw while Hades gets takeout.
138 Shiny Rocks Bre Boswell January 3, 2021
Hades and Persephone play golf with shiny rocks. Zeus doesn't understand Persephone's appeal.
139 Up too Close Bre Boswell January 10, 2021
Daphne goes on a date with Apollo.
140 Pretzel Bre Boswell January 17, 2021
Daphne gets pretzels with Thanatos. Hera and Echo do some digging.
141 Bad Duck Bre Boswell January 24, 2021
Hera finds Persephone's phone.
142 Second Son Bre Boswell January 31, 2021
Hera asks her son Hephaestus a favour. Persephone tries to be honest with Artemis.
143 You Want It? You Got It. Bre Boswell February 7, 2021
Hades takes Persephone out shopping.
144 Retail Therapy Bre Boswell February 14, 2021
Persephone and Hades share a kiss, and Persephone explains her feelings.
145 Heirs Bre Boswell February 21, 2021
Demeter comes to Hecate for help and tells her about her theory regarding fertility goddesses.
146 Archers Bre Boswell February 28, 2021
Eros and Ampelus practice archery when some unexpected guests arrive.
147 Pariah Bre Boswell March 7, 2021
Leto arrives to break up the argument between her children.
148 Day Dreams and Nightmares Bre Boswell March 14, 2021
Hades has a nightmare about Kronos.
149 Dead Woman Walking Bre Boswell March 21, 2021
Minthe reflects on her relationship with Hades and how they began seeing each other.
150 Dead Woman Walking (Part 2) Bre Boswell March 28, 2021
The flashback continues with Minthe barging in to Underworld Corp to confront Hades for stealing her hat.
151 Dead Woman Walking (Part 3) Bre Boswell April 4, 2021
Minthe and Thetis attend a yoga class led by Daphne, and Minthe's reality begins to crumble.
152 Green Thumb Bre Boswell April 11, 2021
Minthe faces the consequences of her actions.
153 Cursed Bre Boswell April 17, 2021
Persephone and Hades attempt to reverse the curse to no avail. Hecate gives Persephone some advice. Eros checks in on Artemis.
154 Promises Bre Boswell April 24, 2021
Artemis reflects on being a twin.
155 Scar Tissue Bre Boswell May 1, 2021
Hecate gives Persephone some advice. Hera has a nightmare that seems a little too real.
156 Cow Bre Boswell May 8, 2021
Persephone's family makes a surprise visit to the Underworld.
157 Hypothetical Bre Boswell May 15, 2021
Persephone and Hades share a dance. An unwelcome visitor watches in the shadows.
158 Baggage Bre Boswell May 22, 2021
Thanatos learns of Minthe's fate. Leto attempts to convince Persephone to give her son another chance.
159 Extra Baggage Bre Boswell May 29, 2021
Persephone goes to the therapist for the first time.
160 Called Out Bre Boswell June 5, 2021
Persephone discusses the expectations that have been put on her. Hera receives a doctor's visit from home.
161 Tether Bre Boswell June 12, 2021
Persephone continues her therapy session and opens up about a past incident.
162 Golden Traitor Bre Boswell June 19, 2021
Hades speaks to Persephone about his past with Hera and explains her involvement in the Titanomachy.
163 Kings Bre Boswell June 26, 2021
In a flashback, Zeus convinces Hades to become King of the Underworld.
164 Eat Bre Boswell July 3, 2021
Hades and Persephone visit Tartarus.
165 Questions Bre Boswell July 10, 2021
Persephone has questions about the pomegranate. Ampelus and Eros get ready for a job in the mortal realm.
166 Run For Your Life (Part I) Bre Boswell July 17, 2021
Daphne plans a visit to the mortal realm. Hermes and Artemis begin to suspect something is not right.
167 Run For Your Life (Part II) Bre Boswell July 24, 2021
Hephaestus drops by the Underworld. Leto and Apollo plan their next move.
168 Run For Your Life (Part III) Bre Boswell July 31, 2021
Persephone and Hades meddle with the life cycle of a house plant. Ares and Hephaestus reunite. Eros and Ampelus open up to each other.
169 Run For Your Life (Part IV) Bre Boswell August 7, 2021
Daphne and Thanatos visit the mortal realm.
170 Run For Your Life (Part V) Bre Boswell August 28, 2021
A split-second decision by Ampelus initiates a fatal series of events.
171 Run For Your Life (Part VI) Bre Boswell September 4, 2021
After witnessing something she wasn't meant to, Daphne runs for her life.
172 Burst Bre Boswell September 11, 2021
Persephone spirals after learning that her trial will begin tomorrow.
173 -2.png
173 See You In Court Bre Boswell September 18, 2021
Persephone arrives at the media-frenzied court and reunites with Demeter.
174 Double Windsor Bre Boswell September 25, 2021
Hades confronts Zeus and Persephone confronts her mother before the trial begins.
175 Character Assassination Bre Boswell October 2, 2021
Zeus starts off the trial with an overblown account of Persephone's act of wrath.