Season 1 is the first season of Lore Olympus, with a total of 115 episodes. Season one ran from March 4th, 2018 to June 14th, 2020.


Chapter Cover Episode # Title Editor Publish Date
IMG 1287.png
01 Stag, You're It Bekah Caden March 4, 2018
After being rejected by his girlfriend Minthe, Hades heads to the Panathenaea for Zeus's party alone. Elsewhere, Persephone and Artemis get ready for the party.
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02 Who is She? Bekah Caden March 4, 2018
Persephone feels nervous at the party, not feeling like she fits in. Hades spots the most beautiful woman in attendance.
IMG 1289.png
03 Who is She? (Part 2) Bekah Caden March 4, 2018
Hades is encouraged to approach Persephone by Poseidon and Zeus. Aphrodite overhears their conversation and doesn't like what's being said.
IMG 1290.png
04 Who is She? (Part 3) Bekah Caden March 4, 2018
Hades decides to speak to Persephone. Persephone meets a mysterious stranger, and wakes up in someone else's bed.
05 Sweet Revenge Bekah Caden March 11, 2018
Aphrodite tries to convince Eros to pull a prank on Hades to teach him a lesson. Hades takes care of a very intoxicated Persephone.
06 The Greenhouse Bekah Caden March 18, 2018
Persephone has a nightmare in her sleep and explores the large house she woke up in.
07 A Very Good Boy Bekah Caden March 25, 2018
Hades comes between what looks like a dangerous encounter between Persephone and Cerberus. They spend the morning together and get quite personal.
08 Handfull Bekah Caden April 1, 2018
Persephone starts to wonder why she ended up in Hades' home after the party, but Hades is hesitant to tell her the reason.
DaO5jldVMAAX2J .jpg
09 Gone to the Dogs Bekah Caden April 8, 2018
Persephone meets the rest of Hades' dogs. When Hades escorts Persephone home, someone is watching them.
10 Disembark Bekah Caden April 15, 2018
Hades lets Persephone drive his car as they head back to Olympus. Artemis dislikes the new friendship Hades and Persephone have developed.
11 Unsupervised Bekah Caden April 22, 2018
Persephone tells Artemis about the morning she spent with Hades. Someone with wings decides to pay the roommates a visit.
12 Rose Colored Boy Bekah Caden April 29, 2018
Eros apologizes for what he did, and explains how his hands are tied.
13 Mama's Boy Bekah Caden May 13, 2018
Eros tells the story of how he met the love of his life.
14 Monster Boy Bekah Caden May 20, 2018
Eros interrupts Psyche's wedding.
15 Lover Boy Bekah Caden May 27, 2018
Eros and Psyche's love for each other begins to deepen, but Psyche is struggling with being kept a secret.
16 Stupid Boy Bekah Caden June 3, 2018
Psyche's sisters pay a visit and disapprove of the source of her happiness, sowing the seeds of doubt. Persephone decides to text Hades from her new phone.
17 Get In Bekah Caden June 17, 2018
Eros senses love from Persephone towards Hades. Artemis' brother waits to meet her new roommate.
18 Forest From the Trees Bekah Caden June 24, 2018
Hades joins his brothers for family brunch.
19 A Fifth of Gin Bekah Caden July 1, 2018
Hades begins to rethink his current relationship with Minthe, and an unexpected visitor arrives for brunch.
20 Treat Bekah Caden July 8, 2018
Hera speaks on Persephone's behalf, and Hades learns some unhappy news.
21 Thanks But Nah Bekah Caden July 15, 2018
Persephone reunites with an old friend. After meeting Artemis' brother, Apollo teases her about her new friendship with Hades.
22 A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 1) Bekah Caden July 22, 2018
Persephone has an incident with a kitchen knife while making dinner, and the last person she wants to help comes to her aid.
23 A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 2) Bekah Caden July 29, 2018
Persephone begins to question her new found friendship with Hades.
24 A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 3) Bekah Caden August 5, 2018
Apollo decides to make Persephone his girl, forcing Persephone to question her future.
25 Aidoneus Bekah Caden August 12, 2018
Hades has a nightmare about his childhood.
26 You Called You Answered Bekah Caden August 19, 2018
On the phone, a distressed Persephone and Hades get to know each other.
27 Deal Bekah Caden August 26, 2018
Hades tries to comfort Persephone about her role as a Goddess, and things begin to get personal.
28 Awkward Silence Bekah Caden September 2, 2018
Hades tells Persephone about his love life.
29 Thunder Bekah Caden September 16, 2018
Zeus and Hera argue about what occurred at the family brunch.
30 Hera Interferes Bekah Caden September 22, 2018
Hera decides to do Hades a favor.
31 A Treat For Being a Fool Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue September 30, 2018
Persephone worries about her new job at Underworld Corp.
32 Small Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue October 7, 2018
Hades confronts Aphrodite about the night of the party.
33 Your Royal Majesty Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue October 14, 2018
Hecate finds an upsetting article in the tabloids. Meanwhile, Minthe demands to know why Hades has been avoiding her all weekend.
34 Mind the Gap Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue October 21, 2018
Hecate confronts Hades about the tabloid article, and he finds out some shocking news. Meanwhile, Persephone has her first day of college.
35 The Meal Ticket Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue October 28, 2018
Students at the college find out about the tabloid article during class. Meanwhile, the article is making its rounds at Underworld Corp and Thetis decides to show Minthe.
36 Smarty Pants Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue November 4, 2018
Minthe confronts Hades about the tabloid article. Meanwhile, Persephone learns about the article and an uninvited person decides to drive her home.
37 A Prince in Dark Velvet Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue November 11, 2018
Apollo and Persephone discuss what they did together, and someone from the Underworld decides to save her from an uncomfortable situation.
38 Meeting Ready Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue November 18, 2018
Persephone prepares herself for meeting Hades at Underworld Corp, but the morning doesn't exactly go the way she planned.
39 Tower 4 Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue November 25, 2018
Minthe meets Persephone for the first time, and decides to help her find her way around.
40 Hide and Sneek Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue December 2, 2018
Hades comes to Persephone's aid.
41 Return of the Princess Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue December 9, 2018
Hecate tells Minthe and Thanatos who Persephone is.
42 The Way She Looked at Me Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue December 16, 2018
After her dangerous introduction to Underworld Corp, Hades takes Persephone to his office and they discuss why she's there.
43 The Wager Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue December 23, 2018
Persephone challenges Hades to a game of chess.
44 Soft Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue January 6, 2019
Hades presents his new employee to the rest of Underworld Corp, but Minthe is not pleased.
45 Crushed Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue January 13, 2019
Hades struggles with his new found feelings, and a red little nymph pays him a visit.
Ep 46.jpg
46 Red Raw Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue January 20, 2019
Minthe begins to feel paranoid and reevaluates where she stands with Hades.
47 Needed Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue January 27, 2019
Hades writes Persephone a letter he will never send.
48 Sissss Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue February 3, 2019
Hades makes a call to Alecto and her sisters for a very special mission.
49 Eye For An Eye Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue February 10, 2019
Hades and Hecate gets some revenge, all the while talking about Hades' love life.
50 Nark Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue February 17, 2019
Apollo voices his concerns to his sister about Persephone.
51359123 2561817683891588 1222770253310189325 n.jpg
51 Distance Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue February 24, 2019
Persephone starts her first day at Underworld Corp and finds out some news.
52 Going Down Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue March 31, 2019
Hades and Persephone have an awkward elevator ride.
53 The Tour Bekah Caden and Annie LaHue April 7, 2019
Hades is forced to give Persephone a tour of the Underworld.
54 The Tour (Part 2) Annie LaHue April 14, 2019
The tour of the Underworld is abruptly interrupted by paparazzi and Persephone shows a new side of herself to Hades.
55 The Tour (Part 3) Annie LaHue April 21, 2019
Minthe and Thanatos are frustrated with Persephone's placement at Underworld Corp. Hades decides to take Persephone to The Beach.
56 A New Point of View Annie LaHue April 28, 2019
Persephone meets a new friend. Thetis becomes jealous of Minthe's new relationship status.
57 The Beach Annie LaHue May 5, 2019
Hera starts to investigate what her vision meant, while down in the Underworld Hades shows Persephone the ways of his realm.
58 The Offer Annie LaHue May 12, 2019
Hera begins to suspect someone has harmed Persephone and asks her husband for his opinion. Back in the Underworld, Persephone begins to question the type of Goddess she truly is.
59 Whiplash Annie LaHue May 19, 2019
Persephone voices her opinion on the dynamic of her friendship with Hades. Meanwhile, Minthe feels stressed about the prank she pulled on Persephone.
60 That Nymph Over There Annie LaHue May 26, 2019
Persephone experiences a new type of jealousy. Minthe and Thanatos plot how to deal with the new pink Goddess on their turf.
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61 Itty Annie LaHue June 2, 2019
Artemis wonders what Persephone was going to say about her brother.
62243973 1267658640054612 2494901332075347968 n.jpg
62 Doe Annie LaHue June 9, 2019
In a flashback, Demeter introduces Persephone to the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. However, Artemis can sense a longing for freedom from the Goddess of Spring.
64631331 2389510311284026 7088991290397818880 n.jpg
63 Hush Hush Annie LaHue June 16, 2019
Continuing the flashback, Artemis offers Persephone housing on Olympus. Meanwhile, Hermes is keeping a secret.
65322230 846349229075428 4360648646987468432 n.jpg
64 Dimples Annie LaHue June 23, 2019
Back in the present, Persephone explains how she feels about Hades to Eros and Artemis.
65619519 2399298030305254 7030471703859822592 n.jpg
65 Tea Annie LaHue June 30, 2019
Eros shares information about the relationship between Hades and Minthe to ease Persephone's feelings.
66 Here Annie LaHue July 7, 2019
Persephone confides in Eros about what Apollo did to her.
D Zm8DkUwAAp3fi.jpg
67 Siblings Annie LaHue July 14, 2019
Persephone meets all of Eros' siblings, and Eros' sister Philia helps her create a Fatesbook page.
67625229 2413341028900954 486773923833184256 n.jpg
68 Ma'am Annie LaHue July 21, 2019
Aphrodite decides to give Persephone some advice. Eros decides to take action.
69 Ghosted Annie LaHue July 28, 2019
In a flashback, we see the fallout of Psyche's actions.
67725775 2422736254628098 1788741655583522816 n.jpg
70 Ma Inlaw Annie LaHue August 4, 2019
Still in flashback, Aphrodite decides to figure out what really broke her son's heart.
68476060 2427382770830113 7926280407245389824 n.jpg
71 Let Down Annie LaHue August 11, 2019
Back in the present, Hades invites Minthe over for a romantic dinner date.
Episode 72.jpg
72 Dear Hecate Annie LaHue August 18, 2019
Hades decides to read Hecate's letter from Persephone, and discovers that the night at the club may not have been the first time he crossed paths with the Goddess of Spring.
73 BFF Annie LaHue August 25, 2019
While Hades is waiting for Minthe, Thetis decides to take her bestie out for some drinks first.
66811178 934249956928209 4435205432940797304 n.jpg
74 I Think It Suits You Annie LaHue September 1, 2019
Persephone decides to call Hades. She plans an exit strategy from TGOEM.
67656537 463983284452078 3909152744718176991 n.jpg
75 Fate Annie LaHue September 8, 2019
Persephone begins her plan and day dreams of living independently. Meanwhile, Hades pays a visit to The Fates.
69891991 458313004897734 4947289967794494290 n.jpg
76 Splitting Annie LaHue September 15, 2019
A very hungover Minthe comes to work in a bad mood. She takes her anger out on Hades.
69456090 2372847819636776 2351487942156120029 n (1).jpg
77 Darkness Annie LaHue September 22, 2019
Hera decides to pay Hades a visit after the incident.
69613433 232164287748138 1724219467131603332 n.jpg
78 Hera (Episode) Annie LaHue September 29, 2019
In a memory, we go back to the past of Hera when she was a young goddess.
71147547 133863497921307 4218913402122345427 n.jpg
79 Sunset Annie LaHue October 6, 2019
Persephone and Hades are incidentally invited to stay over for dinner at Zeus and Hera's.
72635317 138843217482485 8755237562410625261 n.jpg
80 Siciliana Annie LaHue October 13, 2019
Persephone and Hades get quite close in Hera's garden, and an unexpected visitor decides to spoil the fun.
81 Take Annie LaHue October 20, 2019
Persephone and Hades have an unpleasant encounter with Apollo.
Chapter 82.jpg
82 Say My Name Annie LaHue October 27, 2019
Hera mulls over Persephone's suitors and receives a raunchy photo of Zeus from an unknown number. A surprise visitor arrives.
Episode 83.png
83 Proserpina is Late Annie LaHue November 3, 2019
Persephone has a nightmare about being pregnant and visits the gynecologist.
Episode 84.jpg
84 Pancakes Annie LaHue November 10, 2019
Hades has breakfast with his brothers. Persephone finds out some unsavory news.
Episode 85.jpg
85 Between the Lines Annie LaHue November 17, 2019
Persephone is desperate to talk to Hades after her classmates refuse to speak with her. On line at Underworld Corp, Persephone meets an old friend.
Episode 86.jpg
86 A Fine Line Annie LaHue November 24, 2019
Ares instigates Persephone while they wait on line to see Hades.
Episode 87.jpg
87 It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 1) Annie LaHue December 1, 2019
Persephone and Hades discuss lessons over lunch.
Episode 88.jpg
88 It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 2) Annie LaHue December 8, 2019
Persephone and Hades talk boundaries.
Episode 89.jpg
89 It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 3) Annie LaHue December 15, 2019
Persephone and Hades pay a special visit to someone in the hospital.
Episode 90.jpg
90 It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 4) Annie LaHue December 22, 2019
Hades rights a wrong. Persephone gets excited.
Episode 91.jpg
91 Slideshow Annie LaHue December 29, 2019
Hades sits in on a TGOEM meeting.
Episode 92.jpg
92 Front Lawn Annie LaHue January 5, 2020
Ares isn't happy with Zeus.
Episode 93.jpg
93 Semele (Episode) Annie LaHue January 12, 2020
Zeus brings his brothers along to blow off some steam in the Mortal Realm.
Episode 94.jpg
94 Little Brother Annie LaHue January 19, 2020
A new addition joins Hades' group of dogs. Persephone finally receives a friend request from Hades.
Episode 95.jpg
95 Audacity Annie LaHue January 26, 2020
Persephone feels tense.
Episode 96.jpg
96 Mamma Annie LaHue February 2, 2020
Persephone wonders what her mother would do in her situation.
Episode 97.jpg
97 We Are Nothing Annie LaHue February 9, 2020
Persephone tells Apollo how she really feels.
Episode 98.PNG
98 Not Your Olympian Annie LaHue February 16, 2020
A friend comes to the rescue.
Episode 99.jpg
99 Cupid's Arrow Annie LaHue February 23, 2020
Persephone decides to spend some time with Eros.
Episode 100.jpg
100 Man in the Woods Annie LaHue March 1, 2020
Persephone needs no introduction to Ares.
Episode 101.png
101 Woman in the Woods Bre Boswell March 8, 2020
Persephone tells Eros how she met his father.
Episode 102.jpg
102 I Love The Way You Make Me Feel Bre Boswell March 15, 2020
Hades thinks about how he feels about Persephone.
Episode 103.PNG
103 Melt Down Bre Boswell March 22, 2020
Thetis attempts to cheer Minthe up.
Episode 104.jpg
104 Not Enough Bre Boswell March 29, 2020
Hades ends ties with Minthe.
Episode 105.jpg
105 Goodbye Bre Boswell April 5, 2020
Thanatos snoops for dirt on Persephone.
Episode 106.jpg
106 Business as Usual Bre Boswell April 12, 2020
Persephone experiences her first day at Underworld CORP.
Episode 107.jpg
107 Special Treatment Bre Boswell April 19, 2020
Hades finds out it's Persephone's birthday. Persephone opens a bank account.
Episode 108.png
108 Breakups and Birthdays Bre Boswell April 26, 2020
Persephone finds out Hades broke up with Minthe. Thanatos hangs out at Apollo's house.
Episode 109.jpg
109 Road Trip Bre Boswell May 3, 2020
Thanatos third wheels with Apollo and Daphne.
Episode 110.jpg
110 Kaleidoscope Bre Boswell May 10, 2020
Persephone stays late at work.
Episode 111.jpg
111 You Tell Me Bre Boswell May 17, 2020
Minthe helps Persephone figure out the Underworld Corp software.
112 Creature Comfort Bre Boswell May 24, 2020
Hades stays the night.
Episode 113.PNG
113 Tell Bre Boswell May 31, 2020
Persephone has breakfast with Hades. A meeting with an old friend is interrupted by someone unpleasant.
Episode 114.PNG
114 VHS Bre Boswell June 7, 2020
Hades watches a memory from the recent past about his first meeting with the Goddess of Spring.
Episode 115.PNG
115 The Bringer of Death (Season 1 Finale) Bre Boswell June 14, 2020
The story of how Kore became Persephone is told.




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