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Rhea is the Titan goddess of motherhood and serenity as well as a fertility goddess. She is the mother of Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, and the wife of Kronos.


Rhea is a very large deity with dark magenta skin, hair, and eyes. She wears traditional Greek robes in mint green and white. She is typically illustrated with a gold halo or gold rays behind her head.


Rhea appears to have had a nurturing nature, fitting her role as a goddess of motherhood. Rhea was shown to be very optimistic as she saw the good in people that no one else could (particularly her husband Kronos, who was feared as a tyrant). In her flashback appearances, she is shown to greatly love and care for her children, most notably her son Hades.  As she knew her husband Kronos was planning on killing her sons, due to a prophecy that they would usurp him, she did what she could to protect them from him. She is shown to be devasted when Kronos takes Hades from her and consumes him. 




Kronos is Rhea's husband. Despite the protests of other gods, Rhea genuinely loved her husband and accepted him, as she saw the good in him that no one else could. Rhea and Kronos presumably had a happy marriage before they had their first child, but when Kronos learned of a prophecy where his and Rhea's children would be his downfall, their relationship started to fall apart. Rhea tried protecting Hades and their other children from Kronos, continually lying to him for their sakes and hiding them when he came near. Kronos remarked that motherhood had made her weak. He ate a frightened Hades in front of Rhea, not caring that his actions clearly hurt her. It's unknown what role Rhea played, if any, in the war against Kronos, and it’s unknown what happened to her after Kronos’ defeat or they are still married.



Hades is Rhea and Kronos's firstborn son. The two of them had a very close relationship. Rhea was supportive of Hades' creations and continually doted on him. Likewise, Hades became very attached to his mother. Rhea was the one to name him Aidoneus, and she is the reason why Hades dislikes others calling him by his true name. They were separated from each other when Kronos consumed Hades, and it is unknown if they have interacted again afterwards.


Poseidon is Kronos and Rhea's middle child. Rhea told Kronos that Poseidon was simply "a very ugly bird" to prevent him from consuming him. Not much is know of their relationship before he was eaten by Kronos.


Zeus is Rhea and Kronos' youngest son. After Kronos ate Hades and Poseidon in front of her, she couldn't bear for her newborn son Zeus to suffer the same fate. She was told to switch Zeus with a boulder to trick Kronos, so that Zeus would be safe and grow up to free his brothers.



They appear to have gotten along, as Nyx visited Rhea in the mortal realm. Nyx was jealous that Rhea had Hades, and it is possible Rhea was the reason Nyx decided to have children herself. It's unknown if Rhea knew of Nyx's desire to steal Hades as her own.


Helios mentions Rhea when speaking to Thanatos. He claims he hasn't seen her for centuries, and compliments her by calling her the true "spitfire".

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  • She was said to resemble Persephone, and it is revealed that they are both fertility goddesses.
  • It is unknown where Rhea is now, as she has only been seen in flashbacks.