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Do you really think I'm powerful?
― Persephone to Hades, A New Point of View

Persephone (Περσεφόνη), born Kore, is the Goddess of Spring, the only daughter of Demeter (making her a direct descendant of the 6 Traitors Dynasty), the older half-sister to Arion and Demophoon, and the heiress to the Barley Mother fortune.

Raised in the Mortal Realm, Persephone moved to Olympus to study biochemistry at a prestigious university, attending via a scholarship she earned for being a candidate for The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. After becoming an intern at Underworld Corp, she grows close to and later becomes the girlfriend of Hades. After making a deal with Erebos and getting married to Hades, she becomes the Queen of the Underworld. She is the female protagonist of Lore Olympus.


Persephone is a petite and curvy young woman with pink skin, pink eyes, and pink hair. She has been described as being extremely beautiful, even rivalling Aphrodite in various circumstances. Her hair, which dissolves into flower petals when cut, is connected to her emotional state -- growing abnormally fast in moments of extreme stress or excitement. She can control the length of her hair when calm, but usually prefers to keep her hair cut short into a pixie cut. When sufficiently angry, both her sclera and irises turn a deep red.

A halo of flowers will often appear on her head when she is feeling certain emotions, such as love or happiness. When angered, a crown of red thorns will usually appear instead. It appears that different species of flowers represent different emotions.

Her wardrobe consists largely of white and pastel pink, although recently has begun to include shades of green as well, and even more recently, black and even dark shades of blue.

In an image produced by the Fates in Episode 75, she is shown as the future Queen of the Underworld, and has long hair, red eyes, a large black crown, long black earrings, and a black gown.


Persephone is a sweet and bubbly young adult learning how to live on her own on Olympus. At the start of the story, she hadn't experienced much of Olympus itself due to her overprotective mother, Demeter. Due to her naivety, she is often prone to trouble because other Gods and Goddesses take advantage of her. At times, she can lack confidence in herself, not knowing if the path her mother has chosen for her is the right one.

Persephone loves animals, baking, nature and is extremely friendly and outgoing. She can be best described as an optimist, always seeing things for what they could be. Despite her inexperience with much of the world, Persephone demonstrates intelligence by showing a great deal of academic prowess and proficiency in different activities, including chess and competitive swimming.

Despite her innocent aura, there is a particularly darker side to Persephone's personality. She is capable of expressing rightful hatred towards someone who has done her wrong, such as Apollo, whom she utterly loathes for forcing himself on her. In addition, when grabbed by a disguised Hera posing as a journalist, she briefly lost her temper and tightly grabbed her back in anger (on account of being repeatedly grabbed by Apollo, Thanatos, and a shade in Tartarus respectively in the span of one day.) Ares claims that next to Hera, Persephone is the "angriest of the gods." In another instance, on realizing that she was deceived by Ares, she was so outraged at being taken advantage of that she called on her mother. Demeter proceeded to beat the war god with a pitchfork, with Persephone grinning with devious glee. The most notable example of Persephone's capability for wrath is also the reason why her name became "Persephone," meaning "Bringer of Death". Upon witnessing her nymph companions' deaths at the hands of a group of disrespectful mortals, Persephone attempted to ask them to stop. She was pushed and mocked by them, the mortals doubting her abilities as a deity and calling her a "minor goddess". The sorrow and trauma unleashed the "feeling", causing her to lose consciousness and murder the mortals. This caused an emotional instability in Persephone, stemming from a panic attack and resulting in physical changes.

However, Persephone appears to greatly regret this event. She seeks out Hades to ask him if mortals can be brought back from the dead, citing that they have family that misses them. She shows greater empathy for their plight than the majority of the other Gods, as Hades explains that mortals are "a dime a dozen." Persephone even sneaks on the shores of Acheron to give the waiting shades enough money to cross the river into the Underworld. When Hades later admonishes her for this, she argues with him about his cruel system.

Even after ten years, Persephone's core personality is still the same. However, she's grown more of a backbone and is more in control of herself, her powers, and her independence. She knows how to raise her voice when there is a need, and in general, is kind as long as you do not disrespect her. In Episode 276, Persephone finally stands up for herself against her nephew Apollo by giving him the arrow of true love as a taste of his own medicine.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Persephone is a Fertility Goddess. Mortals on the shores of Acheron assume she can bless them with good health and fortune. She is capable of empowering a descendant of Ouranos with incredible power, provided she loves them.
    • Her Fertility Goddess power allows her to augment her height to Titan level size. She did this for the first time during her act of wrath, however she had no control over the power due to the "feeling" (her blessing of wrath) taking over. The second time was after making a deal with Erebos and becoming Queen of the Underworld, where she had full control of her abilities.
  • As the Goddess of Spring, she has the ability to bring the season to the Mortal Realm. Persephone can conjure flowers, plants, and even full forests regardless of the location. She's capable of creating life in Tartarus, where nothing is meant to live.
    • While using the full extent of her Fertility Goddess and Queen of the Underworld powers, Persephone is able to create an entire new ecosystem (Elysium) in the Underworld; rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and even mortal buildings.
    • After her deal with Erebos, Persephone's powers change, and she loses her ability to create life, only able to conjure "ice, rot, and decay." After understanding that the concept of spring is rebirth and renewal, Persephone understands her new powers and is able to create life once more.
      • Using her new powers of decay, she is able to touch a deity and "rot them from the inside," causing them to bleed from their eyes. She uses this against both Apollo and Kronos. Although this power causes harm, it does not appear strong enough to kill a deity.
  • Persephone's hair can grow to great lengths depending on her emotional state. Once cut, the strands burst into petals. In times of stress or great emotion, flowers or plants materialize on her head. Occasionally, her body can grow leaves from her shoulders and hips. Her hair has been shown to be prehensile.
  • When feeling uncontrollable, strong emotions, she can cause mass blooming of flowering plants. Although it is unknown how far-reaching this ability is, it appears to encompass a wide radius.
  • She has the capability of flight.
  • She's capable of healing the wounds of Gods and presumably mortals. Persephone was unaware of possessing this ability when she initially used it on Ares. She later heals Hera from the brink of death.
  • Persephone is able to shape-shift, first seen when she took the form of a pink butterfly to spy on Hades. Persephone is also able to spontaneously produce butterflies, although it is unknown if they are alive or just light-based illusions. When over-excited, she can transform into a cloud of butterflies, which first occurs during her and Hades' first kiss, transporting her away from Hades temporarily.
  • Persephone is proficient in wielding a scythe as a weapon, and later wields Hades' bident to utilize the powers of the Underworld, such as temporarily giving Tartarus a physical form.
  • Although Persephone was initially unable to control this ability, she is able to "curse" beings by turning them into plants. She first displays this ability when she transforms Minthe into a mint plant in a fit of rage. As of Episode 192, Persephone has reversed Minthe's transformation, albeit off-screen.
  • Persephone can summon hordes of bees from her mouth, as demonstrated from her battle with Kronos.
  • Due to her new status as Queen of the Underworld, Persephone can now make fire as Hades can.


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  • Hades and Persephone's Important Milestones:
    • First Meeting- Episode 114 (Flashback)
    • First Hug- Episode 40
    • First Kiss- Episode 110
    • First Dance- Episode 157
    • Officially Dating- Episode 208
    • Engaged- Episode 231
    • Wedding- Episode 234
  • In the original Greek myth, Persephone is Zeus' daughter. In Lore Olympus, Persephone has no father. Instead, she was created solely by her mother, and is therefore not related to Zeus or Hades. [4]
    • This is touched on when Persephone learns from Metis that her mother was once romantically involved with Zeus, and she worries that he may be her father. Metis reassures her that she is solely of Demeter's making.
  • A photo of Persephone and Minthe at a table, where Minthe looks enviously at Persephone's bust (Minthe and Persephone image) is based on an infamous photo of the actresses Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. [5]
  • Persephone's birthday is on the first day of spring, (March 21). [6]
  • Her birth name, Kore, means "Maiden." She takes the name Persephone after her act of wrath, which means "Bringer of Death."
  • Persephone is a vegetarian.
    • She does wear fur coats, although she claims it makes her feel like a "bad vegetarian."
    • Note: in the nicknames, Kronos called Persephone "little goddess." So, Hades did NOT call Persephone "little goddess".
  • Ares was likely her first kiss, as she stated that he wasn't her ideal choice, but she was curious.
  • In Episode 75, she reveals that she doesn't have her ears pierced, despite wanting them done. In Episode 191, she is shown to have finally had her ears pierced.
  • In Episode 131, Persephone reveals that the more chaotic version of spring that Hades saw during a trip to the Mortal Realm was a onetime event that got her into a lot of trouble with Demeter.
  • According to the LO Q&A in 2018, Persephone's favorite drinks are fancy syrups and soda.[7]
  • When Thanatos describes Persephone to Helios in Episode 109, Helios thinks he is describing Rhea.
  • Persephone's outfit in Episode 152 was inspired by a poisonous mushroom called the "destroying angel".[8]
  • In volume one of the novelizations, a bonus chapter reveals that the fur coat Hades gave Persephone was only rejected by Hera because she saw a vision of Hades getting married to Persephone. Although Hera was unable to see who the bride was, she lied to Hades that she didn't like the coat. In reality, she felt the coat would be significant for him and his bride in the future.


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