Do you really think I'm powerful?
― Persephone to Hades

Persephone, born Kore, is the Goddess of Spring, the only daughter of Demeter, and the heiress to the Barley Mother fortune. She is the female protagonist of Lore Olympus. Raised in the Mortal Realm, she comes to Olympus to study Biochemistry Theory at college. She is currently a candidate for membership among The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. Being the daughter of Demeter, she is a descendant of the 6 Traitors Dynasty.


Persephone is a petite and curvy young woman with pink skin, pink eyes, and dark pink hair. She has been described as extremely beautiful, even rivaling Aphrodite in various circumstances. Her hair, which dissolves into flower petals when cut, is connected to her emotional state -- growing abnormally fast in moments of extreme stress or excitement. She can control the length of her hair when calm but prefers to keep her hair cut short into a pixie cut or rolled into space buns. When sufficiently angry, the sclera of her eyes turns blood red.

A halo of flowers will often appear on her head when she is feeling certain emotions, such as love or happiness. When angry, this usually becomes a crown of red thorns. It appears that different species of flowers represent different emotions.

Her wardrobe consists largely of white, pastel, or light colors, although recently has begun to include shades of green as well.


Persephone is a sweet and innocent young adult, learning how to live on her own on Olympus. At the start of the story, she hadn't experienced much of Olympus itself due to her over-protective mother, Demeter. Due to her naivety, she is often prone to trouble because other Gods and Goddesses take advantage of her. Persephone, at times, can lack confidence in herself, not knowing if the path her mother has chosen for her is the right one.

She loves animals, baking, nature and is extremely friendly and outgoing. She can be best described as an optimist, always seeing things for what they could be. Despite her inexperience with much of the world, Persephone demonstrates intelligence by showing a great deal of academic prowess and proficiency in different activities, including chess and competitive swimming.

Despite her innocent aura, there is a particularly darker side to Persephone's personality. She is capable of expressing rightful hatred towards someone who has done her wrong, such as Apollo, whom she utterly loathes for forcing himself on her. In addition, when grabbed by a disguised Hera posing as a journalist, she briefly lost her temper and tightly grabbed her back in anger (on account of being repeatedly grabbed by Apollo, Thanatos, and a shade in Tartarus respectively in the span of one day.) Ares claims that next to Hera, Persephone is the "angriest of the gods." Another example is that upon realizing that she was deceived by Ares, she was so outraged at being taken advantage of that she called on her mother. Demeter proceeded to beat the war god with a pitchfork, with Persephone grinning with devious glee. The most notable example of Persephone's capability for wrath is the reason why her name has become "Persephone," meaning "Bringer of Death." Upon witnessing her nymph companion's deaths at the hands of a group of disrespectful and rude mortals, Persephone had tried to ask them to stop, but she was pushed and mocked by them, doubting her abilities as a deity, calling her as a "minor goddess". The sorrow and trauma unleashed the "feeling" causing her to lose consciousness and murder the mortal. Resulting in an emotional instability, stemming from a panic attack and resulting in physical changes.

Persephone appears to greatly regret this event, however. She seeks out Hades to ask him if mortals can be brought back from the dead, citing that they have family that misses them. She shows greater empathy for their plight than the majority of the other Gods, as Hades explains that mortals are "a dime a dozen." Persephone even sneaks on the shores of Acheron to give the waiting shades enough money to cross the river into the Underworld. When Hades later admonishes her for this, she argues with him about his cruel system.


Persephone was created solely by her mother 19 years before the start of the story.[3] Demeter saw Zeus as a morally corrupt ruler and decided it would be best to raise her daughter in the Mortal Realm, away from Olympus.[4]

Born Kore, the young goddess spent much of her life in the Mortal Realm, with the company of her mother and the nymphs that worked for her. As a child, Kore created two flower nymphs in a special garden dedicated to flower nymph restoration. Becoming her "first friends," the two nymphs later began to act as Kore's handmaidens. The three became very close, however, Demeter was overprotective to the point that she would only allow Persephone to leave home with them accompanying her. Due to this, Kore often felt frustrated by them following her around.

Representation of Persephone's "feeling."

Persephone explains that she was created to be the Goddess of Spring, and initially loved her role and the tasks that came with it. However, Persephone explains that she was also born with a "feeling," represented by sinister yellow eyes in shadow. As she grew older, the "feeling" became harder and harder to ignore, and her mother would frequently begin to hide her away. At a certain point, Kore rebelled and created her own version of spring without Demeter's permission. Her unauthorized rendition got her in trouble, and in an attempt to control and distract her, Demeter pushed Kore to begin a number of lessons and hobbies. At another point, Kore's nymph handmaidens alerted her to the presence of a God injured in the woods. Dismissing their desire to accompany her, Kore went into the forest alone, where she found the God Ares impaled on a tree. After unknowingly healing his wounds, Ares would follow Kore into the meadow where she was reading alone. Playing on her empathetic nature, Ares convinced Kore to help him learn to read and write, which was in truth a ploy to seduce her. When the two eventually kissed, Kore discovered the planner in Ares' bag, quickly finding out he could in fact read and write. Infuriated over being taken advantage of, Kore called for her mother, who quickly restrained and punished Ares. Despite Kore's initial smugness over this, Demeter would then further restrict her alone time. Kore quickly became frustrated over her overprotective mother, leading to a desire to live on her own and become more than what she saw as a "stupid village girl".

Demeter refusing to allow Kore to live with Artemis.

When Kore decided to go to college, she wanted to attend the university on Olympus. Demeter took this opportunity to have Kore earn a scholarship through The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, intending to later have her join. Kore and Demeter met with the current members, where Demeter pushed her desire to have Persephone commute to college. Artemis, one of the TGOEM members, realized Kore's hesitance with the situation, and offered to have Persephone live with her on Olympus. After arguing with Demeter, the two left, but not before Kore showed her appreciation by adorning Artemis with a flower crown.

The "feeling" taking over.

Kore reluctantly began to come to terms with commuting to college, although she was clearly displeased. After an intense argument with Demeter, Kore went to be alone and was quickly accompanied by her nymph handmaidens. As she was about to angrily tell them to go away, she witnessed their sudden deaths. Shaken and filled with grief, Kore quickly found the mortals who had killed her friends; the group was plucking sacred flowers from the garden despite a treaty to stay away from it. Although initially it was believed Persephone took vengeance on the mortals, carving a path of destruction through their settlement with glee, in truth Persephone lost control of her powers. The "feeling" took over after the mortals ignored her pleas to stop and began to taunt her, causing her to decapitate one of them. Realizing what she had just done, Kore was consumed with horror at her actions and uncontrollably grew to Titan-level size. She began to destroy her surroundings, unable to control her powers or evacuate the mortals. This event would cause her name to be changed from "Kore" (The Maiden) to "Persephone" (Bringer of Death). Demeter performed damage control, keeping the incident under wraps by buying Hermes' silence. Realizing she could not control her daughter, Demeter reluctantly allowed Persephone to move to Olympus to live with Artemis, although Artemis was unaware why she had changed her mind so suddenly.

While attending a party with Artemis, Aphrodite overhears Hades commenting on Persephone's beauty and is infuriated. Aphrodite decides to pull a prank on Hades and orders Eros to distract Artemis and get Persephone drunk. The gods put the unconscious Persephone into Hades' car, unbeknownst to Hades, and she later wakes up in Hades' mansion. After wandering Hades’ mansion Persephone encounters one of Hades’ dogs: Cerberus. While initially hostile toward her presence in the mansion, Persephone is able to tame the gatekeeper of the Underworld after playfully petting Cerberus, much to the surprise and envy of Hades, who arrived just before he could intervene to protect her.



Hades and Persephone together.

Hades and Persephone first met in the Mortal Realm, although Hades does not remember this meeting. After drunkenly traveling there in order to visit Hecate, who was visiting at the time, Hades is left unattended in a room on Demeter's property. Persephone sneaks in through a window to see him, taking the form of a butterfly. Persephone is surprised that Hades is not as scary as she thought, and in response, Hades ends up frightening Persephone badly enough that she returns to her normal form and lands on him with only dissolved butterflies covering her. The two then have an exchange, during which Persephone desperately inquires as to whether Hades can return mortals from the dead. Hades responds that he cannot, and Persephone continues to plead with him before ultimately fleeing when she hears Demeter coming, to Hades' disappointment. Hades ends up inquiring about her, but Demeter is protective over Persephone and denies any knowledge. When Hades is insistent at what he saw and wonders out loud if she is available to be courted, Demeter suddenly encourages him to drink more, presumably in order to cause Hades to blackout and not remember the encounter.

Persephone and Hades hugging after he rescues her from Tartarus.

Hades and Persephone officially meet after the Panathenaea held at Zeus and Hera's. Upon seeing Persephone in the crowd, Hades is smitten and asks Zeus who she is and why he has never seen her before. After Zeus explains that Demeter raised Persephone in the Mortal Realm, Hades remarks to his brothers that Persephone's beauty puts Aphrodite's to shame. The brothers encourage Hades to go talk to her, which he attempts to do. Unbeknownst to Hades, however, a jealous Aphrodite overheard his comment and has plotted to have her son Eros intoxicate Persephone and put her in Hades's car. When Hades arrives home, he discovers Persephone in his backseat. He carefully brings her inside his home and settles her in his guest room. When Persephone wakes up the next morning, the two talk and quickly form a connection. Persephone surprises him by showing no fear of him, asking bold questions, and teasing him. From then on, the pair have a very close, flirtatious relationship.

Persephone is initially shy around him, but quickly becomes very bold and flirtatious as her crush on him develops. She begins to turn to him for comfort when worried or frightened, best seen when she talks on the phone with him after her assault, and later when she hugs him deeply after he rescues her from the shades in Tartarus. However, she feels guilty about this due to his complicated relationship with the nymph Minthe. She doesn't like her feelings of jealousy for Minthe, and as a result, attempts to put boundaries in place with Hades. She later admits to Eros that she plans on shoving her feelings for Hades deep down inside her and letting them "wither over time," and that she has existed in a fantasy for too long, believing Hades does not actually like her after his relationship with Minthe becomes official on Fatesbook. She also explains that Hades was the first person she felt truly respected her without any obligation to do so, but that this no longer matters. Eros attempts to cheer Persephone up by explaining the on again, off again nature of Hades and Minthe's relationship, but Persephone remains conflicted.

At the end of Episode 75, a still image produced by the Fates shows Persephone as Queen of the Underworld, revealing that the two will eventually get married, although neither of them are yet aware of what fate has in store for them.

Despite Persephone's inner conflicts, the two continue to grow closer, especially as they interact due to Persephone's internship in the Underworld. Persephone voices her concerns with the special treatment she feels she receives from Hades, and apologizes for flirting with him despite him having a partner. She explains that she simply never expected to feel a connection with another being so quickly. Hades is relieved that Persephone's motivations for being close with him are because she truly likes him and not that she is simply kind to everyone, and tells her she doesn't need to apologize for what they have. However, Persephone reiterates that she feels guilty for disregarding feelings, and also feels conflicted about her candidacy for the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood and her scholarship (explaining that intense hand-holding sessions with the King of the Underworld are not what Hestia had in mind when rewarding Persephone with it.) When Hades asks if Persephone wants him to leave her alone, she quickly says no, and explains she simply wants to take it slow.

When Persephone later learns that Hades and Minthe have broken up, her guilt intensifies and she believes it is her fault.

In Episode 110, Hades finally admits to Persephone that he wants her, and the two share a kiss. Persephone, flustered and excited, transforms into butterflies and disperses. When Persephone later summons Hades to her room due to feeling anxious, she explains to him that she did enjoy their kiss but simply got excited over it. The two end up staying the night together, and in the morning share breakfast.

A later triggering encounter with Apollo leads Persephone to hide herself in the Underworld while she decides what to do. When Hades learns from Artemis that Persephone has disappeared, he decides to search for her in the Underworld, enlisting the help of Hecate. In Episodes 128 and 129, she is found by Hades after her act of wrath is revealed and a warrant for her arrest is sent out by Zeus. After bringing her back from the brink of hibernation due to overuse of her powers, Hades lets her stay in his home, protecting her from Zeus and learning her side of the story. During her stay, their relationship continues to blossom, with Persephone lamenting that not falling for Hades is becoming difficult. When the two share yet another kiss, Persephone once more begins to dissolve into butterflies, although this time she is stopped by Hades holding her close. Hades expresses hesitance, explaining that he doesn't want to overstep his boundaries as a host and that he is unsure if Persephone is completely comfortable kissing him. Persephone explains that she is simply scared of what may or may not come after, and that she is afraid Hades will stop wanting her. Hades assures her that that is impossible, and that "a kiss can just be a kiss" and they can go at whatever pace Persephone is comfortable with. Hades then asks if Persephone would like to go on a real date with him after her trial, to which she agrees.


Demeter with Persephone.

Demeter is Persephone's mother. As Demeter created Persephone solely by herself, she is very protective of her, to the point of being overbearing and controlling. She often puts what she believes to be best for Persephone over what Persephone wants herself. This has manifested for Persephone in the form of a nightmare where Demeter traps her in a greenhouse to keep her safe.

Persephone crying after arguing with Demeter.

When Persephone lived with her in the Mortal Realm, she was given very little freedom. From an early age, Persephone was groomed to become the face of Demeter's Barley Mother brand. Demeter also signed her up for programs at school, such as spelling bees and swim competitions, and pushed her to excel in a variety of subjects. When Persephone came of age, Demeter wanted Persephone to train as a sacred virgin and join the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, giving her little choice in the matter. Persephone believes this is because Demeter wants to avoid Zeus marrying her off to sweeten a business deal with another God and avoid both a terrible marriage, like Hera has with Zeus, and the adultery that happens on Olympus. However, as it becomes apparent that Persephone is a Fertility Goddess, a rare Goddess that's born every few thousand years and respected among the mortals for bringing fertility to the earth, Demeter's reasons start to become more questionable.

Although their relationship is often strained, and Persephone enjoys her new freedom on Olympus, they are shown to still be close to each other. Persephone respects her mother for her strong-willed attitude and often takes after her no-nonsense approach to conflict. She is also shown to miss her mother and wonders how she is doing in the Mortal Realm.

Demeter comes to Olympus on a business trip around the same time that Persephone goes missing, although she remains unaware of the fact, as she is fooled by a disguised Hera posing as Persephone. When Persephone's arrest warrant goes public, Demeter is shown tearfully shocked and later goes into hiding herself.


Apollo is the twin brother of Persephone's roommate Artemis. When he first meets her, he immediately begins to hit on her. When he learns that she spent the night in the Underworld with Hades, he makes it a point to belittle her and her new friendship with the King of the Underworld due to slight jealousy. Persephone feels uneasy around him and is often intimidated by his overbearing personality.

The same night that they meet, Apollo uses coercion to rape Persephone. Persephone, heavy with confusion and doubt over this perceived "freedom", is unable to stave off his advances. He take photographs for blackmail purposes. When Apollo finishes, he tells Persephone not to forget that she is "his girl," and walks out of the room, leaving Persephone confused and violated. As Persephone is slated to become a member of TGOEM, which requires a vow of celibacy, she is especially conflicted and does not at first realize Apollo has assaulted her.

Persephone trying to explain to Apollo that she doesn't like him.

Apollo continues to harass Persephone, seeming to believe they are in a relationship. He shows up unannounced to drive Persephone home from her classes and often comes to the house looking for her.

In Episode 97, Apollo claims he has feelings for Persephone. When Persephone is unable to make him realize she doesn't like him, she shows him his lyre, which she had stolen to break. Apollo is shocked and distressed that his lyre is now ruined. She tells him that his broken lyre represents a small fraction of her hate towards him.

After an intense argument/confrontation, Apollo claims Persephone doesn't have to love him to be his wife. He also believes Persephone is a fertility goddess and tells her she either knows that and is lying to herself or her mother is hiding it from her. Persephone is still scared of Apollo, but Eros and "Ampelus" arrive to drive Apollo away. He appears unfazed by the interruption and simply states, "see you next Friday", mocking what Persephone stated earlier about Friday being the only time they could meet up. Although he wants to marry Persephone, it appears this is only to fuel his own ego: by marrying a descendant of the Six Traitors, he is further supporting his fame as an Olympian.

In Episode 113, Persephone is horrified to learn Apollo has begun dating Daphne. She warns him to stay away from her, but Apollo responds that he is simply doing what Persephone asked by making someone else "his Olympian." In response, Persephone tells him she will reveal to both Daphne and Artemis what Apollo did to her. Apollo then threatens her with the pictures that he took of her during her assault, claiming that he will expose her, breaking her vow of celibacy if she tells anyone.

After this confrontation, Persephone disappears somewhere in the Underworld. When questioned by a pawn shop owner why "a being like her" is in the Underworld, Persephone claims it is "the perfect place," as the sun never touches the realm. This alludes to the fact that Persephone is hiding from Apollo. Meanwhile, Apollo has planned to marry Persephone, coming to Hera's office to show her his marriage application. When Hera denies him, Apollo initially appears angry, but then calms down and begins to teleport away, telling her he will prove he is worthy of her blessing.

When Persephone is confronted by Hera over the possibility of Apollo causing her harm, Persephone reluctantly reveals her assault at his hands. Hera is devastated and tells Persephone she must tell Zeus so that Apollo may face punishment, but Persephone refuses due to the photos Apollo has of her. Hera has her son Hephaestus hack into Apollo's phone to delete the photos. When Apollo later goes on a date with Daphne, he shows his one-sided obsession with Persephone by ignoring what Daphne has to say and instead talking about Persephone. He even goes so far as to suggest Daphne cut her hair into a pixie-cut, revealing he only sees Daphne as a stand-in for Persephone and not as an individual person.


The two have a brief history together, as Hermes' role as a messenger has him visiting the Mortal Realm frequently. After delivering letters to Persephone and her mother, the two became close friends. However, their friendship had to be kept a secret from Demeter due to her over-protective nature. When Persephone and Hermes went skinny dipping, for example, Hermes had to hide underwater when Demeter came to check on Persephone. When Persephone comes to Olympus, the two are thrilled to see each other again and share a hug. Hermes is very kind to Persephone and appears to genuinely care for her. For example, when Persephone slips with a knife when cooking, he appears worried and comes quickly to her aid. He also remembers her birthday and brings her a bouquet of balloons as a gift. It also appears that Hermes has a crush on the Goddess of Spring. He can get quite flustered when around her, best seen when he psyches himself up to ask her to come with him to work. He was also willing to fudge his records of collecting souls to protect Persephone from the repercussions of her act of wrath (although he is "encouraged" to do so by Demeter.) When asked by Artemis and later Thanatos about Persephone's name change, Hermes feigns ignorance.


Persephone admires Hera, and the two have a friendly relationship.

Hera is very protective of Persephone. She was irate when she overheard Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon talking lewdly about Persephone while disguised as a Nymph in a club, shoving the picture of Apollo and Persephone (that Apollo took against her will) in Hades' face. She has come to regret this action after realizing that Hades respects Persephone as a person. After her husband suggests that she help get Hades and Persephone together, she is reluctant because of their age difference but changes her mind after catching Persephone talking to Hades' portrait. It is Hera who signs off on Persephone's Underworld internship with the intent of getting them closer.

Hera is the only one who knows something tragic has happened to Persephone and is the only one who suspects Apollo has something to do with it. She is determined to help Persephone and refuses to sign off on Apollo's marriage request. She appears to be gathering evidence against him. When she finally confronts Persephone about her theory and Persephone confirms Apollo's assault, Hera is devastated. After learning that Apollo has blackmail photos on Persephone, which is preventing Persephone from coming forward with her story, she gets her son, Hephaestus, to hack into Apollo's phone and delete the photos.


Persephone revealing her crush on Hades to Artemis.

Artemis is Persephone's roommate and close friend. It was Artemis who helped Persephone come to live in Olympus. Realizing that Persephone's mother, Demeter, was overbearing and smothering, she stood up to her and offered Persephone a room with her in the city so that she wouldn't have to commute to college. Despite their somewhat clashing personalities, the two appear to get along well. Although Artemis wants Persephone to experience freedom away from her mother, she is also very protective of her. She is wary of Persephone's growing relationship with Hades for this reason, although she is unaware of Persephone's discomfort with her own twin brother, Apollo, and tries to encourage Persephone to get along with him. After learning that Persephone has disappeared, Artemis realizes she hasn't been paying enough attention to Persephone's problems, initially believing that she is "always happy." When both Eros and Hades reveal that Persephone has been struggling, Artemis feels intense guilt.

When Persephone's act of wrath is brought to light and the warrant for her arrest is put out, Eros tells Persephone that Artemis did not come to visit her because she is a "squeaky clean Olympian" and would be obligated to bring Persephone in. When Persephone later calls Artemis from her new phone, Artemis asks Persephone to come home, telling her that they will go to Zeus together. Persephone tries her best to be honest with Artemis and reveals to her that the reason she can't return home is because of Apollo, who she hates. She explains that she doesn't want to ruin their sibling relationship, but that she cannot be around him, although she is unable to tell Artemis what Apollo did to her. Persephone hangs up before Artemis can respond.


Eros comforting Persephone.

Eros is one of Persephone's good friends, acting a bit like a brotherly figure to her. Although Eros was the one to get Persephone drunk at the Panathenaea and sneak her into Hades' car, he later comes to apologize to her, explaining how he had to follow his mother's orders because of Psyche. He is able to quickly realize that Persephone has a crush on Hades, which he begins to tease her about. The two quickly become close friends, and Persephone begins to rely on him when she is upset. Eros has been there for her many times, including when she was emotionally distraught over Hades and Minthe's official relationship status. He is also the first person Persephone tells about her encounter with Apollo. Eros is devastated for her and assures her that what happened was not her fault and that she did not consent. He comforts her afterward at his home and reluctantly agrees not to tell anyone on the condition Persephone see a therapist. Eros has continually shown to care deeply for Persephone, later protecting her when she is arguing with Apollo. Persephone, likewise, easily seeks consolation from Eros and has shown that she is rather comfortable around him.

When Persephone goes missing, Artemis first looks for her at Eros' place. Artemis and Eros (along with "Ampelus") hatch a plan to fool Demeter and find Persephone in a few days before there is suspicion over her disappearance. When Persephone is found, Eros is the first to visit her, and brings her food, books, and facemasks to entertain her.


Ares bothering Persephone.

Ares met Persephone in the Mortal Realm, back when she was still called Kore. He fell from the sky and was impaled on a tree. Kore was alerted by the flower nymphs and went alone to help him. She saved him and, without realizing it, healed his wounds. He was enchanted by her and decided to seek her out, later finding her while she was enjoying her rare alone time. He managed to convince her he couldn’t read so that she would teach him and he could get closer to her. After a week of secretly meeting, they kissed. Right after that, Kore realized he had a planner in his bag, meaning he could read AND write, and had taken advantage of her. After calling for her mother, the encounter ended with Demeter beating Ares with a pitchfork. Persephone initially seemed smug about this development, but it was this event that caused Demeter to restrict her alone time, and Persephone later shows regret over alerting her mother.

When they meet again in the Underworld, Persephone is seen being easily annoyed by Ares' instigation, while Ares finds her moments of anger to be interesting. He reveals that he returned from the Mortal Realm because he could sense Persephone's great rage and declaration of war and was eager to find out more.

Persephone later apologizes to Ares for allowing her mother to beat him with a pitchfork. Although Ares still has a keen interest in Persephone, she tells him she is only accepting friendship at the moment. Ares does not appear to be deterred by this, as he eavesdrops on Eros' phone call with Persephone and asks to speak with her. When Ares learns of Persephone's act of wrath, he is more impressed by her strength then shocked and is even seen later on where a pink shirt with her name on it before the trial happens.


Hestia is proud that Persephone has chosen the path of a sacred virgin, although Persephone feels as if the choice is not quite her own, telling Hades she has been "groomed" to join Hestia's organization. Hestia is later disappointed when she finds out Persephone slept at Hades' house, believing that Persephone hasn't been taking her duties seriously. After being scolded by Hestia and having Hades' gift confiscated, Persephone remains tense around her. Persephone later determines she no longer wants to be a part of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, although she struggles with guilt over the scholarship she has been given. She is unable to reveal her feelings about this to Hestia. For her part, it appears Hestia may feel guilt herself; she is shown with a guilty look on her face after seeing petals produced from Persephone's powers. This may indicate that Hestia is aware of Persephone's status as a fertility goddess, and she may feel wrong for having Persephone train as a sacred virgin. Hestia is unaware that Persephone is missing. In Episode 135, both her and Athena are relieved that Persephone is staying in the Underworld safe and sound.

At one point, Persephone uses Hestia's baklava recipe, which she slightly alters. She tells others not to let Hestia know about her alteration.


It is revealed that Daphne was one of the flower nymphs that used to accompany Persephone in the Mortal Realm. When they meet again while on Olympus, Daphne is thrilled to see her again, and the two share a hug. Their happy reunion is interrupted by the return of Apollo, and Daphne appears embarrassed by the awkwardness that ensues. Persephone is worried about her when she realizes she is dating Apollo and privately tells him to leave her alone. Despite comforting Apollo after his and Persephone's "breakup", she holds no ill will towards Persephone and instead seems to value her as an old friend. She appears to not know that Persephone and Apollo were never dating in the first place and that Persephone, is in fact, a candidate for The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood.

During a date with Apollo, Daphne comes to realize that Apollo is still obsessed with Persephone and views her as a stand-in when he ignores what she has to say, continually talks about Persephone, and suggests Daphne cut her hair. After escaping the date and running into Thanatos, Daphne is annoyed by Thanatos' comments about her, and makes him think when she asks him why he cares so much about what he perceives as Persephone's "special treatment."

Powers and Abilities

  • Persephone is the Goddess of Spring and is also implied to be a fertility Goddess. Mortals on the shores of Acheron assume she has the capability of blessing good health and fortune on other mortals.
  • Like her mother, she has the ability to bring spring to the Mortal Realm. Persephone can conjure flowers, plants, and even full forests regardless of the location. She's capable of creating life in Tartarus, where nothing is meant to live.
  • Persephone's hair can grow to great lengths depending on her emotional state. Once cut, the strands burst into petals. In times of stress or great emotion, a flower crown (or a crown of red thorns if angry) will materialize on her head. Occasionally, her body can grow leaves from her shoulders and hips. Her hair has been shown to be prehensile.
  • When feeling uncontrollable, strong emotions, she can cause mass blooming of flowering plants. Although it is unknown how far-reaching this ability is, it appears to encompass a wide radius.
  • She has the recently discovered capability of flight.
  • She's capable of healing the wounds of Gods and presumably mortals. Persephone is unaware of possessing this ability.
  • Persephone is able to shape-shift, first seen when she took the form of a pink butterfly to spy on Hades. Persephone is also able to spontaneously produce butterflies, although it is unknown if they are alive or just light-based illusions.
  • Persephone is proficient in wielding a scythe as a weapon.
  • Persephone is capable of augmenting her height to Titan level size. However, it was shown that she has only done this once and had no control over it due to the "feeling" taking over her powers.
  • Though Persephone cannot yet control this ability, she has been shown to be able to "curse" beings by turning them into plants. She first displays this ability when she transforms Minthe into a mint plant in a fit of rage. She is currently unable to reverse the transformation.


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  • Unlike in the original myths, Persephone has no father. Instead, she was created solely by her mother and is therefore not related to Zeus or Hades.[3]
  • The Minthe and Persephone image is based off on the infamous Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren photo. [5]
  • Persephone's birthday is on the first day of spring.[2]
  • According to the LO QnA 2018, Persephone's favorite drink is fancy syrups and soda.[6]
  • Persephone's outfit in episode 152 was inspired by a poisonous mushroom called "destroying angel".[7]


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