Several nymphs who work under Demeter.

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Nymphs are female humanoid deities in Lore Olympus. They are minor nature deities, typically tied to a certain aspect of nature, such as a plant or river. There are various kinds of nymphs, and they live in all three realms. Unlike Gods and Goddesses, nymphs do not appear to be immortal, and will die if the part of nature they are tied to is destroyed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nymphs come in a wide variety of colors, although certain distinct types of nymph will share a similar color scheme. All nymphs appear to have specialized ear shapes: most have sharp, pointed ears, although sea nymphs will have ear fins. All nymphs are female.

List of Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Flower Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Flower nymphs appear to largely live in the Mortal Realm, where they work under Demeter. Persephone would constantly by accompanied by a duo of flower nymphs when she lived in the Mortal Realm. Flower nymphs have hot pink skin and hair with blue blotches, pointed ears, and are frequently adorned with flowers. Their lives are tied to flowering plants that grow on sacred land.

Named Flower Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Daphne is a flower nymph that used to live and work in the Mortal Realm under Demeter. She later moves to Olympus. She appears to have been one of the nymphs that used to accompany Persephone.

Unnamed Flower Nymphs[edit | edit source]

A duo of flower nymphs frequently used to accompany and supervise Persephone while in the Mortal Realm. It is unknown if these two flower nymphs are the same individuals, or different flower nymphs that accompany Persephone each time. Persephone appears to be both friendly and affectionate with them while also often attempting to avoid them so she can be alone. In Episode 115, two of these nymphs are destroyed by mortals, which causes Persephone's act of wrath. She refers to them as her sisters.

Sea Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Sea nymphs are largely found on Olympus. Unlike other groups of nymphs, they have fins in place of ears. They come in a multitude of colors, but many seem to be primarily green or blue.

Named Sea Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Thetis is a sea nymph that lives and works on Olympus. She is Zeus' secretary, as well as his mistress.

Unnamed Sea Nymphs[edit | edit source]

A few sea nymphs are seen around Olympus. Two of them appear to work at the strip club Zeus and Co visit for brunch. They are differentiated by their fins in place of ears. All of them share a green color scheme.

River Nymphs[edit | edit source]

River nymphs appear to come in a variety of colors and have large, pointed ears. The only confirmed river nymph, Minthe, has hair that becomes watery when she feels strong emotions. It is unknown if this occurs with all river nymphs. Their lives are tied to specific rivers and other bodies of freshwater.

Named River Nymphs[edit | edit source]

Minthe is a river nymph from the Underworld. She is Hades' personal assistant and former girlfriend.

Other Nymphs[edit | edit source]

These are nymphs whose names and/or nymph type have not been shown.

In Greek Myth[edit | edit source]

In Greek mythology, nymphs are minor female nature deities typically identified with natural features. The nymphs of the mountains were called oreads, nymphs of the trees were the dryads and meliae, nymphs of springs, rivers and lakes were the naiads, and those of the sea were the nereids.

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