Just be the bitch. That's what everyone expects anyway.
― Minthe to herself, Episode 46

Minthe is a river nymph from the Underworld, a secretary at Underworld Corp, and Hades' personal assistant.


Minthe is a nymph with scarlet red skin and darker, straight red hair. She has long, pointed ears that protrude through her hair. She is fairly tall and has a slim figure. She typically wears black or dark red clothing and lingerie in most of her appearances.

When showing strong emotions, such as after a breakup, her hair appears to melt and becomes gooey and watery, hinting at her origins as a river nymph. After getting caught for getting both Persephone and her mother in trouble, she is cursed and transformed into a mint plant by Persephone herself.


Minthe has a very self destructive personality. She is very insecure and self conscious. As a result, she is unable to handle any kindness given to her, acting hostile and distant to those who would otherwise care for her. After she tries to distance herself from Hades and he began to show interest in Persephone, Minthe begins to recognize the repercussions of her actions and feels real jealousy. Despite wanting to improve herself, she still struggles with the pressures of commitment and acknowledging her insecurities.

Minthe can be convinced or manipulated easily by others who are close to her, such as Thetis. Minthe can also be a manipulator herself, especially towards Hades, who she often verbally abuses.

Minthe desperately wants to improve and become a better person, unable to understand why she acts the way she does, but continually falls back into her old habits. However, these manipulative and abusive traits became her downfall during her five stages of grief when she reveals that she was the one who got both Persephone and her mother Demeter in trouble and reported them to Zeus.



Minthe greeting Hades at work.

The plot begins with Hades and Minthe already sharing a toxic relationship with one another. The two are known to frequently argue, which can often devolve into them breaking things off until they eventually get back together. Despite their quarrels, Hades has shown to deeply care for Minthe, buying her expensive gifts and paying for her rent. Minthe also appears to care for Hades in her own way, although her commitment issues and insecurities have caused her to become quite abusive towards him.

When Minthe was invited to the Panathenaea party, she chose not to accompany Hades and instead told him she didn't feel like being seen in public with him. It is later revealed the real reason was because she discovered the ring Hades was planning on using to propose to her. Fearing that she wouldn't make a good Queen and that she is hated by Hades' family, she instead chooses to distance herself from Hades to change his mind.

When her behavior instead causes Hades to drift away from her and spend time with Persephone, Minthe gets flustered and jealous, indicating her insecurity and low self-worth. She shows up to Hades' home and begs him to continue their relationship, claiming that they are meant to be "messed up together."

When Hades decides to once again try a relationship with Minthe, she agrees in the hope of becoming a better person and girlfriend. However, due to the interference of a jealous Thetis, Minthe once again disappoints Hades by failing to show up to a dinner that she suggested they have. Minthe's insecurity over this incident causes her to blow up at Hades at work, verbally and even physically abusing him by claiming he looks like his father, Cronus, and then striking him. Minthe is later appalled at her own actions and is desperate to apologize, not understanding why she acts this way. Despite her desire for another reconciliation, Hades decides to end their relationship for good, allowing her to keep her job and apartment out of goodwill. In response, Minthe turns to manipulative tactics, claiming that Persephone will not want Hades, as he is still just as messed up as her, and that Hades will soon come back like he always does.

After the break up, Minthe cleans herself up in order to try to get Hades back, but he has become indifferent to her and treats her as his employee now. When Persephone goes missing when she, Thetis and Thanatos find out about her act of wrath, she cleans out Persephone's desk believing Hades fired her as Zeus plans for Persephone's punishment, when she tells Hades as she called him asking what to do with Persephone's things, he snaps at her telling her to leave her stuff alone and to do her job properly, infuriating Minthe. She attempted to seduce Hades in his office as a desperate attempt to win him back, which was replied by Hades quickly putting her coat back on and asking her to leave, reassuring her that he's okay. Minthe snaps at Hades for being "still up her ass" after her warrant for arrest, which prompts Hades to call her back on her hypocrisy with her being "too perfect" for him and then "too wrathful" for him. He says "maybe it's both. Wouldn't that be interesting?", gesturing a furious Minthe to the door.

It is revealed in Episodes 149 and 150 that she and Hades met some time ago when she was working as a hired showgirl for a car convention, in which he was there with Zeus, Poseidon, and Thetis. Zeus took her hat and put it on a grump Hades' head, just before the Lord of the Underworld disappeared with it to attend a work emergency. Upon realizing that she had to pay the car show for the missing hat, Minthe stormed into his office and demanded the hat back, to which he offered a job as his PA so she can prevent others from storming in as well. Upon thinking back to it, Minthe realized that this act of kindness made her feel more valuable than she believed herself to be, and the starting point of their disastrous relationship.

By episode 151, Minthe is shown to still be in denial over her breakup with Hades. At a yoga class, Thanatos once again tells her that Hades has moved on from her and two Underworld nymphs reveal to Minthe about the kiss shared between Hades and Persephone and that the whole Underworld knows. Minthe arrives to work the next day, distraught and still in denial. In Episode 152 when Hades talks to her about potential job transfer options, Minthe goes off on Hades again, calling him a condescending lump of flesh, and insulting him about how he thinks he can just throw her away when he wants to. She also threatens to tell Persephone about his drinking problems, how he sulks, how he begs for her to not leave, and how he is infertile, saying Persephone is infertile as well. Later on, he finds out that Minthe ratted out Persephone's accidental act of wrath to Zeus and sent her to Tartarus to get rid of her.


Thetis greeting Minthe and vice versa.

Minthe and Thetis have a toxic friendship. Minthe often seeks out Thetis for advice and comfort, and while she often provides it, Thetis will also attempt to undermine Minthe if she is engaging in progress in having a healthy relationship with Hades. This is because Thetis is jealous of Minthe‘s official relationship status with Hades, as her own relationship with Zeus will never work because he is married to Hera. When Thetis found out Minthe would be having dinner with Hades, she decided to prevent Minthe from going by taking her out for drinks beforehand and getting her too drunk.

Despite Minthe easily trusting Thetis in the past, she eventually stood her ground and tried to cut her off after realizing Hades was right when he told her Thetis was not her friend.

Thetis, Minthe, and Thanatos all share a group chat called the "Snarky Chat", where they comment on other people's appearances.

Thetis joins Minthe and Thanatos is exposing Persephone's act of wrath to Zeus in Minthe's quest to get Hades back and destroy Persephone, but when Hades scolds Minthe and tells her Persephone isn't fired, she angrily calls Thetis telling her Hades doesn't know yet, and tells her that if her (Thetis) plans fails she, Thanatos and Minthe herself will pay the price for it. This hints and is later proven after Persephone tells Hades what really happened, showing that they exaggerated the truth about her act of wrath in hopes of getting her punished.

In episode 151, Thetis discovers that the planned failed through Thanatos and both nymphs learn that Hades and Persephone kissed. Realizing the severity of the trouble they'll face, Thetis tells Minthe that it's best they don't be seen around each other for a while until everything calms down.


Thanatos and Minthe are coworkers at Underworld Corp., and (along with Thetis) share a group chat called the "Snarky Chat". Occasionally, they would hook up with each other, typically meeting in a storage room when one's workday was going poorly. After Minthe started an "official" relationship with Hades, she stopped accepting Thanatos' advances, but continued to lightly flirt with him. They both share a skepticism towards Persephone, mainly concerning her sudden job placement at Underworld corps, although Minthe's maybe more fueled by jealousy over Hades and Thanatos' by resentment at his job.

Thanatos has feelings for Minthe, however it's unknown if Minthe reciprocates it. Thanatos doesn't appear to approve of Minthe and Hades being together. He seems to care about Minthe, as he comes to her apartment while she is suspended and brings her food, and later agrees to snoop for dirt on Persephone for Minthe's sake.

When Thanatos got information from Helios of why Kore became Persephone, he, Thetis and Minthe go to tell Zeus in hopes Persephone will be punished and banned from the Underworld.

However, she is told by Hermes that she'll never have Hades since he chose Persephone over her and is told that something bad is going to happen to them if they were trying to get rid of Persephone behind Hades's back.

This prompted Thanatos to begin questioning his actions, with him being uncomfortable with the idea of Persephone potentially being given as harsh a punishment as Prometheus and Minthe getting more and more desperate to rekindle her long ruined relationship with Hades. Hermes' point was proven as he witnessed Minthe being rejected by Hades and Persephone emerging from the Cloak of Invisibility.

When Thanatos informed a raging Minthe about the encounter and bluntly told her "I don't think [he's] interested in you", Minthe snaps with him "not understanding the complexities of our relationship" and slams the phone on him. His following encounter with Daphne showcased him getting more and more regretful of his actions, and ultimately sees him starting to break away from the toxicities of Minthe.


Hecate is Minthe's superior. Minthe shows high respect, bordering on fear, for Hecate. She quickly gets her act together when prompted to by Hectate, and will begrudgingly do things if Hectate asks. Hecate is patient towards Minthe and was willing to help her out in the past. However, after Minthe's outburst, Hecate finds Minthe's actions towards Hades deplorable and temporarily suspends her from her job.


According to Minthe, Hades' family isn't fond of her, especially Hera. This is a source of insecurity for Minthe, and she often worries about how she is perceived by his family. When faced with the idea of becoming Queen of the Underworld, Minthe imagines agonizing family affairs and Hera talking badly about her behind her back. Hera shows disdain for Minthe, believing Hades can do better and even calling her a harlot, hinting she know Minthe cheats on Hades.


Minthe is jealous of Persephone's connection with Hades and as a result, is vindictive and rude towards her. On Persephone's first day at Underworld Corp, Persephone is actually amazed when seeing Minthe, saying shes beautiful and thin, and seems self-conscious about her own looks. However, Minthe gave her directions that ended up being a ruse that led her to a restricted area where she was put in danger. Minthe comes to regret her actions, especially after learning who Persephone really is, but doesn't fess up to them. Minthe is especially angry when seeing Hades holding Persephone in his arms as they leave Tower 4. When Hades introduces the two women, Minthe is shocked to learn that Persehone has not told Hades what she did and is rather confused when Persephone pretends to have not met her minutes earlier.

When Hades and Minthe start an "official" relationship, she rubs it in Persephone's face by kissing Hades in front of her and talking about all the great things he does for her. Despite her behavior, Persephone is continually respectful of Minthe and Hades' relationship. When Hades ask Persephone how she got to Tartarus, she briefly imagined what would happen to the two but quickly snaps out of idea and doesn't reveal it was Minthe, out of concern for the repercussions Minthe would face. Even after Hades and Persephone admit to having feelings for one another, Persephone reveals how horrible she feels for not caring or thinking about Minthe. As much as Persephone and Hades care for one another, both agree that Minthe should not be cheated on and Persephone decides to set boundaries with Hades for Minthe's sake.

After Hades breaks up with Minthe, she blames Persephone for it and vows to get Hades back while Persephone is overcome with guilt when discovering the breakup, believing she was the reason but Hades assures her that she wasn't. When Thanatos started digging up dirt on Persephone, he found her ledger and shows it to Minthe and they soon begin to plot Persephone's demise. At work, Persephone blackmails Minthe that she'll show the map she gave her on her first day to Tartarus to Hecate if she refused to show her how to use computer programs, then Minthe begins to tell her how Hades was loving in the beginning of their relationship as well, but he'll soon come back to her when he see's Persephone isn't the girl he thought she is. When Persephone questions Minthe on what she's talking about she replied, "You tell me, Kore" in a sinister tone, then Thanatos comes to get her all bruised up and panicked stricken, and whispers in her ear while looking at Persephone in horror.

Thanatos tells Minthe about Persephone's act of Wrath, and she, Thanatos, and Thetis tell Zeus what Persephone did and how Demeter covered it up, with Minthe having a dark smirk thinking once Persephone is punished by Zeus, Hades will come back to her. However when Hades scolds Minthe about packing Persephone's things and that she isn't fired, Minthe is infuriated that Hades still cares for Persephone and angrily called Thetis telling her Hades is completely clueless about what Persephone did, meaning Zeus never told his brother, and Minthe tells her if her plan fails, it will all backfire on the trio, which can hint that they either lied about Persephone's act of wrath, exaggerated the story or lied by omission; details proven when Persephone reveals to Hades that the majority of it had been accidental.

When Minthe is called in to talk about a job transfer for her, Minthe goes off on Hades asking if Persephone is there, telling him that she'll tell Persephone what things she would have to look to. During her rant, she let it slip unknowingly in front of Persephone that she told Zeus about Persephone's act of wrath, and ruining her mother's and her life in the process. This, unfortunately for her, finally pushes an enraged Persephone over the edge, resulting in her being chased down and getting her turned into a pot of mint. Despite this, Persephone shows deep regret and is trying everything she can to reverse the transformation and apologizes to her as well.

Powers and Abilities

When extremely angry, upset, or distressed, Minthe's hair takes on a long and oily liquid appearance, spilling into puddles on the ground behind her.



  • Minthe is revealed to be hated by Hera, as Hera thinks nymphs aren't good enough for gods.
  • She has a group chat with Thanatos and Thetis called "Snarky Chat".
  • She first appears in Episode 1.
  • According to the 2018 Q&A episode, Thetis and Minthe's favorite drink is sex on the beach (cocktail).


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