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"Your sister has always been hot-headed. She'll come around."
― Leto to Apollo, Episode 147

Leto is a Titan goddess of sun. She is the mother of Artemis and Apollo.

She first appears in Episode 147.


Leto is a Titaness with golden skin similar in hue to Hera. Her hair is a light blonde. Her eyes are a glowing yellow, with the sclera and pupils being black. In her first appearance, Leto wears a long-sleeved white dress with black elbow-length gloves, and a black, triangular hat with a veil that covers her mouth. In all of her appearances, Leto constantly appears to cover her mouth.


Although described as "Olympus' No. 1 social pariah," Leto is prim and proper, radiating self confidence. Although appearing empathetic and kind on the surface, she also seems to have a hidden agenda, which she goes about with cunning. When speaking to her daughter, Leto uses soothing words, masking a clearly judgmental and overly critical aspect of her personality. She even goes so far as to use gaslighting techniques to sway Artemis to her own point of view.




Artemis is Leto's daughter. Although it appears she cares for her daughter, she is also rather critical of her, admonishing her for having a "public meltdown." She also appears to gaslight her when she asks if she is going to believe Persephone over her own family, which causes Artemis to leave, distraught.


Apollo is Leto's son. She approves of Apollo's decision to marry Persephone, appearing to encourage him to pursue her. She calls Persephone "my future daughter-in-law," and asks Apollo what he is doing to smooth things over with her. When Apollo explains that she is spending all her time with Hades in the Underworld, Leto decides to "pay a little visit" there, showing that she will pull strings for her son if needed. However, knowing that Persephone was right all along and chose her decision to be with Hades, Leto finally realizes that her own son lied to her and called him delusional for lying to her about his relationship with the goddess of spring and plans to turn Demeter in to Zeus. She is now already aware of her son being delusional.



Leto and Hera used to be very close friends, until they had a falling out that "shook the whole kingdom". Although the nature of their falling out is unknown, Hera cast Leto into social exile because of it. There is now major bad blood between the two.

Powers and Abilities

  • Leto appears to have the ability to generate sunlight from her body. Hades admonishes her for being in the Underworld, reminding her that there are "no sun Gods" allowed in his realm. Her powers relating to the sun appear to have been passed down to her son, Apollo.
  • Leto appears to have the power of flight or levitation.
  • Leto can teleport between realms, which she does in a flash of bright, blinding light.