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Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth and Home, as well as a member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty. Presently, she is the acting leader of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood.


Hestia is a petite, curvy woman with orange skin and long hair, often illustrated to be a pale yellow color. Like most of her fellow members from the 6 Traitors Dynasty, Hestia was scarred and cursed by Kronos, and was given a large scar on her right leg from her thigh to her knee.

While on Olympus, Hestia wears modern clothing in various pastel colors, favoring light yellow and white, along with shades of orange. In the Mortal Realm, she is shown to wear an off-white, hooded robe.


Hestia is self-assured and optimistic. She enjoys her leadership of the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood (TGOEM) and takes it very seriously. Hestia expresses enthusiasm whenever things benefit TGOEM, especially concerning donations. She is cheery and upbeat to a fault at meetings, reflecting her overall personality. 

She acts sweet the majority of the time, but can also be shallow. She is overly concerned about the good reputation TGOEM has, overreacting to Persephone's accidental-overnight at Hades' house. She manipulated Persephone into giving her the fur coat that Hades had gifted to her, presumably in exchange for Hestia not revoking her scholarship and candidacy within the organization. Additionally, Hestia is later revealed to be a hypocrite, as it turns out that she and Athena have been secretly dating for an unknown amount of time.

Hestia appears to have a plethora of knowledge on clothing and fabrics, as she was able to identify what material Hades' pants were made from at just a glance. She also appears to enjoy cooking and home brewing, as during the two-day recess from the trial, she prepared a care basket full of homemade bread, marmalade made from fruits from her orchard, and a bottle full of her "very special" lemonade for Demeter.




Hestia was Metis' second creation, having crafted her from fire. Very little is known about their relationship, including how Hestia reacted to Metis' fate, having been consumed by Zeus to increase his powers (in order to defeat Kronos).

Extended Family


Demeter avoiding Hestia.

Demeter is Hestia's older co-creation, one of her oldest friends, and a fellow member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty. An unknown number of years ago, they both agreed on a common goal of Persephone being trained as a sacred virgin. It is hinted that Hestia is potentially aware that Persephone is a fertility goddess, as she was seen with a guilty look on her face when she noticed flowers starting to bloom from Persephone's powers. It is unknown if Hestia is truly aware of Persephone's status, and if so, why she would agree to help Demeter make Persephone a sacred virgin, other than possibly wanting to protect her from being used as Zeus's pawn. Despite the two's closeness, Demeter chose not to go to Hestia for help after Zeus put out an arrest warrant for her, having stated to Hecate that Hestia is a snitch.


Hera and Hestia

Hera is Hestia's younger co-creation, one of her oldest friends, and a fellow member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty. While the two are close, Hera is annoyed with Hestia recruiting new goddesses for TGOEM, as it makes it difficult for Hera to do her job as goddess of marriage. In Episode 187, both of them met while trying to visit Demeter. Hestia accused Hera of not caring about their old friend, due to the queen's apparent absence during the trial; in response, Hera stated that she did not see Hestia leaping to Demeter's defense. Both of them admitted to one another that they are scared of Demeter. As Hera and Demeter were arguing about Persephone's relationship with Hades, Hestia was visibly displeased with their behavior. However, once her scar began to bleed, both Demeter and Hera ceased their fighting and were shown to be greatly concerned for Hestia's wellbeing.



Artemis finally realizes the truth.

Athena is Hestia's secret girlfriend. The two get along very well as long time members of TGOEM, hinting that Athena might have joined before Artemis did. Unlike Artemis and Persephone, Athena shows the most enthusiasm throughout Hestia's presentation, despite having no doubt heard it multiple times. Artemis would later reveal that before Persephone arrived as a candidate, she always felt like a third wheel with the two.

When news of Persephone's act of wrath was revealed, the two were together and shown great sadness over the news and were both relieved when they saw Persephone was safe with Athena's uncle, Hades. It's later discovered by Artemis that the two are actually dating. While Hestia tries to deny this, Athena admits it and states she doesn't want to lie to Artemis. This greatly angers Artemis and asked if the two were taking being an eternal maiden seriously, but Hestia claims the relationship happen suddenly and the two were unsure how to tell anyone.

The two appear at Persephone's trial and sit beside each other with Artemis. When Poseidon makes a comment how a set of encyclopedias was a "crummy" gift, Athena comments that it makes a suitable gift which Hestia agrees. When it is revealed, Thanatos had broken into Artemis and Persephone's house, Hestia and Athena were greatly upset over the news along with Artemis.



Hestia hugging Artemis.

As fellow members of the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, they appear to be friendly with one another but that doesn't stop Artemis from being easily bored during TGOEM meetings or falling asleep when Hestia gives presentations. Hestia was proud that Artemis offered Persephone a place to stay on Olympus, although she is less lenient when it comes to allowing Persephone certain freedoms. Artemis was greatly upset when Hestia yelled and made Persephone cry over a tabloid article which showed Persephone leaving Hades' house the morning after the Panathenaea party. Artemis had tried to talk to Hestia, but she still demanded that Persephone give up the coat she received from Hades in exchange for her silence.

While it seemed the two moved on from the article, Artemis was furious when she discovered Hestia's secret relationship with Athena and questioned if the two were keeping their commitment of being an eternal maiden. Despite her anger, she was willingly to allow Athena to explain how the relationship came about. Artemis would attend Persephone's trial and be seated with Hestia and Athena. When it is revealed, Thanatos had broken into their house, Hestia was greatly upset over the news and said that what he did was very disrespectful. When Hades brings up how Artemis and Apollo committed an act of wrath by killing 13 of Queen Niobe's children without a permit during the trial, Hestia claims Artemis was nice enough to spare one of the Queen's children.



Hestia grooming Persephone to become a member of TGOEM.

Hestia has been training Persephone to be a sacred virgin for an unknown number of years. In spite of this, she seemed to be largely oblivious to Persephone's discomfort concerning her impending membership. When she saw Persephone pictured with Hades on the front page of a tabloid, she was angered and believed that Persephone was not taking her duties seriously. She berated and yelled at Persephone for this, having brought the young goddess to tears for not considering the consequences, namely the reputation of TGOEM, of her presumed actions. Shortly thereafter, Hestia manipulated Persephone into relinquishing the fur coat that Hades had gifted to her, presumably in exchange for Hestia not stripping her of her scholarship and candidacy in the organization. While Persephone seems to greatly admire Hestia, having even used her baklava recipe to prepare a "thank you" gift for Hades, she had also mentioned to Artemis that Hestia can be a jerk.

Later, it appeared that Hestia may have felt some remorse for her actions, as she was shown with a guilty expression after seeing petals produced from Persephone's powers. This may indicate that Hestia is aware of Persephone's status as a fertility goddess, and she may possibly feel wrong for having Persephone groomed to become a sacred virgin. It is possible she is mainly doing so as a favor to Demeter, but she has yet to reveal anything.

Not long after this, Hestia visited Persephone and Artemis' home to host a meeting, and starts to become visibly angry when she discovers Persephone was accompanied by Hades and arrived wearing his coat. Hades quickly covered for Persephone by claiming to want to make a donation to TGOEM, and Hestia quickly invited him inside to view a lengthy lecture on the significance of the organization. As Persephone tried to express her concern about being a candidate for TGOEM, Hestia continued to ignore her.

In Episode 135, Hestia seemed relieved that Persephone had been under Hades' protection in the Underworld, and quickly assured her to not worry about her scholarship. It was later revealed that despite her disapproval over Persephone and Hades' growing closeness, Hestia had long since broken her own rule on TGOEM members maintaining romantic relationships, as Artemis realized that Hestia and Athena are a couple.

Powers and Abilities

  • As of Demeter's flashback from episode 189, Hestia may possess the ability to generate fire.



  • It was revealed in Episode 92 that Hestia knows how to do embroidery, as she worked with Athena on Persephone's ceremonial robes.