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Royalty speaking! What will you whisper in my presence?
― Hera, Episode 119

Hera is the Goddess of Marriage and Women and the Queen of the Gods. She is the wife of Zeus and the Mother of Ares, Hebe, and Hephaestus. She is a member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty.


Hera is a goddess with golden hair and skin. She typically wears her long hair down, but will occasionally wear it up. She has dark blue eyes and a beauty mark below her left eye. She has a large X-shaped scar on her stomach.

Hera's wardrobe varies, and includes modern outfits and 1920s inspired clothing in multiple shades. Hera usually wears clothing that is white or dark blue, but has outfits that are red and green as well. At times, her body shimmers like actual gold. She is sometimes shown smoking a cigarette.


The Golden Traitor

Hera was created by Metis from starlight and the richest soul of the earth. During Kronos’s reign as ruler of the cosmos, Hera was considered the most desired by the gods including Kronos himself. Over time, Hera grew disgusted by the tyranny of Kronos and joined a young god by the name of Zeus in rebelling against the Titans along with her best friends Demeter and Hestia, and Zeus’s older brother’s Hades (at the time known as Aidoneus) and Poseidon, who Zeus rescued from Kronos’s imprisonment.

Hera was tasked by Metis to help tend to Aidoneus, who suffered severe injuries when he escaped from Kronos. Scared at first, the young goddess slowly began to help Aidoneus with his bandages, speaking to him and acknowledging that he had been alone for 13 years. Although in pain, the injured god gently caressed her face. Smiling at him, she moved towards him and the two shared a kiss. At some point, Hera entered into a romantic relationship with Zeus though it is unclear if it was before or after Hera and Aidoneus’s kiss.

Together the 6 rebelled against the tyranny of the Titans known as the Titanomachy. During the rebellion Kronos began to slowly descend into madness which Zeus and Hera took notice of. To take advantage of the Mad King, Zeus and Hera concocted a plan where Hera would seduce Kronos and slowly poison him over time with the same poisonous plant that Zeus used to free Hades and Poseidon. Despite the protest of Metis, Hera's Mother, Aidoneus, and others, Hera would go on with the plan, though this did upset Zeus as it seemed to work too well for his liking.

After Kronos discovered the plan, he grabbed Hera on the battle field and split her in two, giving her the X shape scar she has on her stomach in the present day. Demeter witnessed the horrible act of wrath and could only weep for Hera. Thanks to her sacrifice and Zeus's newfound power from devouring Metis, the 6 traitors were able to defeat Kronos. Despite Hera’s efforts, many people judged Hera for her deception, earning her the derogatory title “The Golden Traitor”.

Despite Zeus’s attempts to comfort Hera, he was never marked by Kronos and could never understand the pain that Kronos left the other traitors. After the end of the war, Hera found comfort in Hades as he empathized with her over being scarred by Kronos. Zeus, jealous of how close the two were getting, manipulated Hades into being the ruler of the Underworld and imprisoning Kronos, so as to keep him and Hera separated. Though Hades asked Hera to come with him, she declined as she was offered to be the Queen of the Gods if she married Zeus. Overtime Zeus proved himself to be an incompetent ruler and would frequently cheat on Hera over the millennia of their marriage. Hera in retaliation would have her own long term affair with Hades to get back at him.

Over the next thousands of years Hera would sire at least three children with Zeus; her son Hephaestus, her other son Ares, and recently her daughter Hebe. Hera and Hades affair ended in the 80s, seemingly after Zeus convinced Hera that his affairs were a result of Aphrodite and Eros manipulating his sexual desires, which Hera banned the Love Gods from using on other Gods.


Hera is strong-willed and empathetic, however, she does appear to have a bit of a temper. Her empathetic nature is best seen when she is able to sense that someone is suffering and she begins to tear up in response. When she later discovers that it was Persephone she sensed, she is shocked and deeply saddened and becomes determined to figure out who hurt her. She also comes to comfort Hades after hearing about Minthe's actions, and it is revealed Hera helped care for him when he was injured in the past after Zeus saved him from Kronos. Her caring side seems to be reserved only for those she likes, however, and all others get to see her as stubborn and resolute in her ideals. She butts heads often with Zeus, and his actions have often caused her to do destructive things, such as burn his portrait in retribution and punish Aphrodite and Eros after he claimed they were the reason for his infidelity.




Hera with her Mother.

Metis is Hera’s Mother. Metis created Hera from starlight and the earth. Metis loved her daughter greatly and affectionately refer to her as “my girl” to which Hera would hug Metis for comfort. During the war, Hera is called over by Metis and told to treat Hades' wounds. When Hera showed reluctance, Metis told her she needed to be brave and asked her if she would want someone to help her if she was injured herself. She also told Hera she needed to set a good example for her sisters.

When Hera and Zeus came up with a plan to bring down Kronos, Metis was furious as it involved Hera seducing Kronos and poisoning him over time. The argument led Hera to tears but she was determined to go through with it. The war would end with Zeus consuming Metis as it greatly increased his powers. It is unknown how Hera reacted to her Mother's death but she is shown to still think about her in the present day.



Zeus and Hera in the past.

Zeus is Hera's husband. According to Hades, Zeus "chose" Hera during their war with the Titans, preventing the other Gods from pursuing a relationship with her. It appears they had a good relationship in the past, based on their apparent happiness in portraits and flashbacks by Hades and others. However, Hera also had an attraction to Hades as well, something Zeus seemed to have noticed. Towards the end of the war against Kronos, Zeus's Father, the two came up with a plan that Hera would seduce Kronos and slowly poison him over time. Despite the protest of Metis, Hera's Mother, Hades, and others, Hera would go on with the plan which started to anger Zeus as it started to work too well for his liking.

After Kronos discovered the plan, he grabbed Hera and split her in two, giving her the X shape scar she has on her stomach in the present day. It was because if her sacrificed that the war ended but she would be given the name "Golden Traitor" for her tactics used against Kronos. Somewhere during this time, Zeus had devoured Metis in order to defect Kronos. It's unknown how Hera reacted to this action. Despite Zeus trying to help Hera during her healing process, she looked to Hades for comfort. It would be this that made Zeus decide that Hades should become King of the Underworld as a way to distant the two. Zeus had also proposed to Hera some time before talking to Hades. Unaware of the proposal, Hades asked Hera to join him in the Underworld and be his Queen but she turned him down as she accepted Zeus's proposal which would make her the Queen of the Gods.

Hera yelling at Zeus.

In the current day, however, their relationship has become tumultuous. They fight constantly over each other's decisions, and Hera resents Zeus due to his affairs and womanizing behavior. During this time, Hera would start an on and off affair with Hades that would end around the "80s." It is unknown if Zeus was ever aware of the affair. During the start of the story, although they are seen fighting quite often, Hera believes that Zeus is keeping his promise and is trying to work on their relationship, completely unaware of the fact that he sleeps with his personal secretary Thetis.

Despite this, Zeus is unwilling to leave Hera for one of his mistresses, and Hera appears to put up with Zeus' infidelity to a certain point. This appears to indicate they still care for each other on some level. Even with the animosity between them, they have also been seen getting along and having fun together, such as when they excitedly spied on Hades and Persephone from their balcony.

Rare happy family times.

However, their relationship is further strained when Hera is frustrated with Zeus consistently dismissing her suspicions about Apollo causing Persephone harm and Thetis sending Hera nudes of Zeus through a burner phone. When she arrives to stop Ares and Zeus fighting, it's likely she overheard Ares confronting Zeus about sleeping with Aphrodite, Ares's long time girlfriend, in the last few months, something Hera may not have been aware of. When Ares accidentally hurts Hera, Zeus shows concern but Hera, filled with rage, kicks everyone out of her home.

Zeus has revealed to Hades that he knows he's a bad husband but truly does love Hera. Despite Zeus acknowledge of his flaws, things continue to worsen when Hera finds out an arrest warrant has been issued for both Demeter and Persephone and scolds Zeus about his treatment to Hades after telling him that Persephone is only using him. Later on, the two are shown to be sleeping in different bedrooms when Hera has a nightmare about Kronos and wakes up screaming in pain. Zeus immediately ran to her and helped her into the shower to cool her off while comforting her by telling her his Father is gone. Both, however, are in shock and horrified when her old scar from the war is suddenly open. The next day, they called a physician to check on her but Hebe and Hera's new assistant Echo, are in the room with her while Zeus is outside.


Hades and Hera in the past.

Hades is Hera's brother-in-law and former fling. They get along very well, though as Hebe points out, she may sometimes take her frustrations with Zeus out on Hades. The two met when he was freed by Zeus and Hera was tasked to help his wounds. When Hades saw her, he as weak and unable to speak but found her beautiful and the two leaned in for a kiss. Hades once said that Zeus "chose" Hera and was therefore off limits but the two remained close, something Zeus was aware of.

Hera and Hades grow closer with their trauma.

Towards the end of the war, Zeus and Hera came up with a plan to take down Kronos by having Hera seduce and feed Kronos poison. Hades pleaded with her not to do it, worried for her safety, and states Zeus would never ask her to do it if he truly loved her. Despite the protest, Hera went on with plan but it was soon discovered by Kronos and during battle, Kronos would grab Hera and split her in two pieces. It took her years to recovery and while Zeus tried to help her, he could not understand her the way Hades did, because Zeus was the only one of the "6 Traitors" who didn't have a scar, and soon found herself looking to Hades for comfort.

After Zeus told Hades that he would become King of the Underworld, Hades asked Hera to come with him and be his Queen. She turned him down as Zeus had already proposed and accepting his proposal would make her Queen of the Gods. Despite this, it would seem the two still held a candle for each other for centuries and because of Zeus' constant infidelity, Hera, in retaliation, had a long-term affair with Hades which would officially end in the "80s." When Hades gets involved with an Underworld river nymph named Mithne, Hera shows great hatred towards her and goes as far as excluding her from family events due to their toxic relationship. When Hades decided he was going to propose to Minthe, he chose not to tell Hera, which greatly hurt her after finding out from Zeus

Hera and Hades will always be there for each other.

When she learns of her brother-in-law's attraction to Persephone, she initially disapproves, but after some consideration, she decides to secretly test him to see if he is suitable for Persephone. This included kissing him suddenly to which he pulled away and reminds her that the two ended things years ago. Later that night, she makes Hades stay for dinner with Persephone and would later spy on the two with Zeus. After dinner and dropping Persephone home, Hades leaves a voicemail to Hera, telling her that they could never repeat history as he is done being her go to when she wants to hurt Zeus. Hera was pleased with this voicemail and writes in her journal that Hades has her blessings to court Persephone, giving the relationship her full encouragement and support.

After Demeter and Persephone have a warrant for their arrest, Hera shows great anger towards Zeus when he basically tells Hades that there was no way that Persephone could truly value him. She later arrives in the Underworld, wanting to speak to Persephone and promises Hades she would not take Persephone to Zeus



Hephaestus comes to visit Hera.

Hephaestus is the son of Hera and Zeus, however their relationship seems rather awkward and strained. Hecate mentions to Demeter that Hephaestus wants nothing to do with his family. However, he was willing to help her and picked up her call in her time of need. Hera is shown to care deeply for Hephaestus but he remains rather distant and blunt towards her. Before leaving, Hera asks him to come and visit. He tells her that he will think about it to visit his little sister, Hebe, who he has yet to meet.

After discovering Hera was ill by his brother Ares, Hephaestus showed great concern for her well being and arrived, much to her surprise. Hera was very pleased by his visit and also thanked him for his help in deleting the pictures of Persephone.


Ares protecting Hera.

Ares is the son of Hera and Zeus and they have a close relationship. It is unknow what their relationship was like when he was young but Ares claims that he is pretty sure Zeus is ashamed of him, indicating that this led him to be close to Hera. Despite how close they are, Hera has shown a strong dislike for Aphrodite, Ares's long time girlfriend with whom he has an open relationship with and is the Mother of her Hera's Grandson, Eros, with whom she also has a poor relationship with. When Hera first mentions marriage to Persephone, she states that she had two very available sons, showing that she would gladly set Persephone with Ares despite his commitment to his family with Aphrodite.

When Ares arrives back on Olympus, he witnesses and protects Hera from Zeus' wrath, showing great anger at Zeus' mistreatment of her. Hera, likewise, is thrilled when Ares returns home and is shown to be cutting his hair while Hebe is signing his cast. When Ares discovers that Aphrodite slept with Zeus as a way for Eros not to be punished, Ares is furious and starts a fight with Zeus. Hera runs and attempts to calm Ares down but fails and results in him indirectly hitting her in the face. Ares is immediately wracked with guilt and leaves when Hera orders everyone to leave her home and get out of her sight.

Much later, Ares would be contacted by Echo, Hera's new assistant, after Hera's old war wound reopened. Ares goes to see Hephaestus and tries to get him to visit, showing he's frustrated over Hephaestus distancing himself from their family, especially their Mom. Ares would also assume that Echo is Hera's girlfriend and shows no anger over the idea that Hera is being unfaithful to Zeus.


It is unknown if Athena is her daughter but Hera has mention to have an unnamed daughter older than Hebe that lives with them. Athena has called Hades her uncle, clarify that Zeus is indeed her Father, so if Athena is revealed to not be Hera's biological child and was a result of one of Zeus' affairs, then Athena would be her step-daughter.


Hera and Hebe dress alike.

Hebe is the youngest child of Hera and Zeus. She often makes her parents drinks in the morning, and Hebe is typically dressed in an outfit that matches Hera's. Hebe is a source of reason for her mother: after Hera and Zeus argue about Hades' attraction to Persephone, Hebe argues that Hera is upset with Hades and taking it out on Zeus instead. While Hera dismiss this at first, Hera wonders if Hebe may have more emotional intelligence than she does and realizes she has treated Hades unfairly.

When Hades drops of Hera, Hera uses Hebe as a way to guilt Hades into coming in and visit so he can stay longer. Not long after Persephone arrives and bother Hera and Hebe grin at having Hades and Persephone stay for dinner. As Zeus and Hera begin to argue again, Hebe is unaffected and already accustomed to her parents arguing, even with guest at the table. Hebe is not afraid to check her parent's behavior and shows annoyance at both Zeus and Hera when she finds them spying on Hades and Persephone, calling them "perverts.

When Hera's old scars suddenly reopen after a nightmare, Hebe is by Hera's side along with Echo.



Eros is Hera's Grandson through Ares. Not much is known about their relationship but Eros states the two don't get along due to Hera only seeing him as his Mother's wicked spawn. It's unclear if the two were ever close in his childhood and while Eros states Hera doesn't show much fondness over him, it's unclear how he feels about her. Over the course of the centuries, Zeus blamed Aphrodite and Eros for his affairs which led to the ban of Aphrodite and Eros' ability to control the sexual desires of anyone that isn’t a virgin by Hera's decree. Despite this, Eros was invited and present for his Aunt Hebe's birthday, showing Hera does at the very least view him as family. When Persephone goes missing, Artemins and Eros argue over who calls Hera and asks for help and Eros makes it clear Hera would more then likely ignore his plead the same way he would with Artemis.



As fellow members of the 6 Traitors Dynasty, Demeter and Hera have been good friends for a very long time. When Hera was greatly injured by Kronos, Demeter was shown to be crying over Hera's body and would be helping her heal from her wounds. Over time, Demeter would have Persephone and felt comfortable enough to bring her along and let her met Hera. Demeter has shown great anger over Zeus's many affairs but she would hide some of his mistresses in the Mortal Realm out of fear. After asking her to do it again, she overcomes her fear and refuses, screaming at Zeus to stop cheating on Hera.

In the present day, Demeter, doesn't know that Hera has chosen Hades as a suitable match for Persephone and sent her to intern at Underworld Corp. When Persephone goes missing, Artemis and Eros ask Hera to pretend to be Persephone to have lunch with Demeter so they wouldn't tell her that Persephone is missing. Hera was against this plan but went along with it only if they would tell Demeter the truth if Persephone was not found. The lunch went on without Demeter knowing it was Hera.

When Zeus issues the arrest warrant after discovering Demeter covering up Persephone's act of wrath, Hera was furious at Zeus for doing such a thing without talking to her first and would do it to Demeter who fought among them in the war and made it possible for Zeus to become king. When Demeter is hiding, she meets Hecate and tells her that she chose not to go to Hera as her allegiance with Zeus changes and feared she might have turned her in.


Hera imagining Persephone as her daughter-in-law.

Hera has known Persephone since she was a child. Hera was taken with her after she told her she was beautiful, and Hera likewise left an impression on young Persephone. When Persephone comes to Olympus, Hera seeks to protect her after hearing about Hades' attraction to her, admonishing him for saying lewd things about someone so young and impressionable. However, when she comes to realize that Hades and Persephone are mutually attracted to each other, and after Hades passes her "test," starting by signing Persephone's internship in the Underworld with the intent of getting them closer. Even after she approves Hades and Persephone's growing relationship, she also imagines Persephone as future daughter-in-law if she were to marry one of her two sons with excitement.

When Hera holds hands with Persephone and inadvertently feels her trauma over being raped, she is devastated and becomes determined to find out who hurt her, showing she deeply cares about Persephone and her mental well-being. Later on, Hera visits both her and Hades in the Underworld and talks with to Persephone alone to gather more evidence on what Apollo did to her. She successfully gets her son, Hephaestus to get rid of the blackmail photos of her after giving him the SIM card.


Hera and Echo working together.

Zeus had told Hera to get another assistant for some time and despite Hera's protest, he hired Echo. Hera tells Echo she doesn't need an assistant and almost fired her on the spot but after seeing how well Echo handled herself in tight situations, such as Apollo barging into her office, she tells Echo to stay and take notes. She was so impressed with the tea Echo brewed that she asked for her name and allowed her to stay. Hera and Echo would continue to work together and Echo would lead Hera to the hotel Persephone stayed at where Hera found find her cellphone. Echo offered her help with the cellphone and while Hera knew she could help, she kept her promise to keep the context of the phone a secret.

Later on Hera would have a nightmare of Kronos and scream in pain. Zeus would take her to the shower to cool her down only to see her old scar wound from the war had somehow reopened and was bleeding. When Hera was being checked on by Astraeus, Echo and Hebe were at her side. It would seem that the two have now become friends outside of the workspace and Hera is comfortable to have Echo by her side and have Hebe and Echo know each other.  Not long after, Echo decides to track down Hera's sons, Ares and Hephaestus, to visit Hera and cheer her up. Echo would achieve her goal of reaching Ares and Ares would go and meet his brother in her place. When talking to his brother, Ares describes Echo as "the blue lady" being their Mom's assistant or her girlfriend, hinting that he and others may see a romantic link between the two.



Hera seducing Kronos.

Kronos' is Hera's father-in-law. During the war, Zeus and Hera came up with a plan where Hera would seduce Kronos and slowly poison him over time. This plan was greatly disapproved by everyone, especially Hera's Mother Metis and Hades. After Kronos discovered her deception, he would find her on the battlefield and rip her in half. Her sacrificed allowed his sons and others to defect him. Hera was greatly traumatized by these events and took her many years to recover. Many looked down on the plan that deceived Kronos and resulted in Hera being given the name "The Golden Traitor,” a name that has followed her throughout the years.

In the present day, Hera is stilled traumatized by Kronos and has stared at herself in the mirror, feeling the scar he gave her. One night, Hera remembers talking to Hades as he was pleading with her not to go through with the plan. She screams how she chose to go through with the plan but hearing Kronos's voice causes her to freeze in fear. He then grabs her and tells her that he can see her. She wakes up, screaming and crying in pain which causes Zeus to run in and take her to the shower to calm her down. The two are in shock when her wound suddenly reopens years after the war.


Bad blood between Hera and Leto.

Leto and Hera used to be very close friends, until they had a falling out that "shook the whole kingdom". Although the nature of their falling out is unknown, Hera cast Leto into social exile because of it. There is now major bad blood between the two. Despite the fact she was exiled, Leto has appeared in Olympus as her children, Apollo and Artemis, are both Olympians and live in Olympus.


Hera gossips about Minthe.

Minthe is a Underworld river nymph that was once the girlfriend of Hades'. Hera has shown an extreme disdain for the her and has long disapproved of the relationship between Hades and Minthe. Minthe is well aware of Hades' family hatred of her but points out that Hera is the one who greatly despises her the most. Hera has been shown to be gossiping with her sister-in-law, Amphitrite, about Minthe and has publicly called her trash in front of Hades. While Minthe puts up a brave front, she is truly hurt and aware of what Hera thinks of her, even agreeing with Hera's thoughts about herself. Minthe is also aware of her best friend, Thetis, affair with Zeus but has chosen to stay quiet about the affair. At one point, Hera had requested Zeus to tell Hades to not bring Minthe to their daughter's, Hebe, birthday party and was greatly upset when seeing that Hades not only brought Minthe, both started getting into a heated argument with her outside her home.

Hades is well aware of Hera's hatred of Minthe which resulted in him not confining in her about his plans of proposing. After Minthe has an abusive episode towards Hades, Hera arrives shortly after Hecate calls her and suggest to Hades that she can turn Minthe into a hideous beast for his sake. Hera brings up his plans to propose and shows she was greatly hurt that he did not come to her but he argues that she would have never approved and he did not want her judgement. When Thetis decides to send Zeus' nudes to Hera through a burner phone, Minthe advises her against it and fears what will happen when Hera finds out.


Apollo is an Olympians that was chosen by Zeus and Hera many years ago. It is unknown how Hera felt about Apollo before discovering his assault on Persephone and if her past friendship with his Mother, Leto, affected her view on him. It would seem she knew very little about him since she had to ask for what Zeus thought about him. She was aware that Hades and Apollo had a deep hatred for each other and used this when she showed Hades a picture of Apollo and Persephone after discovering Hades' attraction to Persephone. She would later regret this action, especially when she realizes that Persephone looked frighten in the picture.

After Hera has a vision of Persephone being assaulted, she starts to look for who was responsible and wonder if Apollo could have been the one. She ask for Zeus' input but Zeus was quick to shut her down on her theory and state that even if the vision was true and Apollo was responsible, it would be a PR nightmare and make people doubt their ability to chose Olympians. This statement greatly angered Hera, resulting in her spitting in Zeus' face. When Hera is going over a list of suitors for Persephone, it's shown that she has crossed out Apollo's name very early on. When discovering Zeus was continuing on with affairs, Zeus changes the subject and argues that she has become obsessed with Apollo and how it's been affecting her duties. Despite her better judgment, she decides to drop the investigation at the time when Zeus mentions that Persephone would have come to her if something had truly happen.

Hera refuses Apollo.

It's not until Hera, disguised as Persephone to have lunch with Demeter, is confronted by Apollo and realizes she was right. Unknown to Hera, Apollo had blackmailed Persephone with photos of the assault if she were to come forward and tell anyone. While Apollo does not fully confess to the event, he grabs "Persephone's" arm only to be burned and Hera to reveal herself. She leaves with a warning and goes back to the investigation in her office. Apollo, realizing that Hera is suspicious, arrives and states that he and Persephone are in a secret relationship and request for Hera to approve the marriage. Hera burst out laughing and shreds his application before burning it in her hands and tells him "No."

After Persephone was revealed to be living with Hades after the warrant for her arrest was issued by Zeus, she arrives and wishes for Persephone to confide in her. Persephone confirms her visions resulting in both of them crying. While Persephone originally wishes for Hera to drop the issue and leave it alone, Persephone eventually comes forwards about the pictures he was blackmailing her with. Hera finds Persephone's old phone and nervously bites her nail when she goes searching for the photos. When seeing the photos, she is greatly upset and breaks a nail and starts to bleed. She calls her estranged son, Hephaestus, for help and is relieved to hear that he can get rid of the photos with no issues.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hera is able to sense the distress of others from afar. It is unknown if this ability extends to all kinds of distress, or just that associated with relationships.
  • She has the ability to see brief visions, apparently tied to strong feelings, including trauma. It appears her strongest visions occur when she has physical contact with the individual. She believes her visions were much stronger and clearer when she was younger and now fears they've weaken overtime with her drinking. She has also stated her visions have not always been corrected but have been most of the time.
  • She has the capability to bless the marriages of mortals. She is an efficient and clever matchmaker, able to influence her decisions with the power of her visions. She can also annul blessings like she did with Apollo due to his obsession with Persephone.
  • She has the ability to spontaneously generate objects, both tangible (such as a cigarette) and intangible (a crown of light for Persephone). 
  • She can shape-shift into different forms; she disguised herself as a pink nymph to eavesdrop on Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon and as horned reporter to gauge Persephone and Hades' relationship. Her disguises appear to be infallible, as no-one was able to see through them. She also can transform into other Goddesses. In episode 119, she transforms her appearance into Persephone's. While in disguise, she can also alter her outfits.
  • She has healing skills, first seen in a flashback when she was changing Hades' bandages. 
  • Hera has the ability to fly.
  • Hera can produce flames from the palms of her hands, which she uses to burn up Apollo's marriage application.


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  • She smokes like Hades and Minthe.
  • In Episode 30, Hera tells Hebe to wake up her sister, but never reveals her name. It is possible she is referring to Athena, meaning Hera has four children. Athena has called Hades "uncle" and shown great joy when seeing him but neither women have shown or mention any connections to one another.
    • During Episode 143 of the Podcast Let's Talk About Myths, Baby!, Rachel reveals that Hera made Hephaestus by herself. Hera was jealous that Zeus had made Athena on his own.[1]
  • Hera stopped Aphrodite and Eros from using their powers to manipulate other gods' feelings after Zeus blamed them for his affairs.
    • In Episode 119, Eros reveals that despite being Hera's grandson, Hera and him don't have a close relationship because she sees him as "Aphrodite's wicked spawn." It is never implied if the two were close before.
  • In Greek mythology, Hera is described as being incredibly bitter towards Zeus' many mistresses, along with their children by him. Most famously, she is known for being an enemy to the Greek hero and demigod, Heracles, a child of Zeus from his affairs. Legends tell about her finding ways to cause the demigod misfortune, such as the death of his family or through the Twelve Labours.
  • According to the QnA (December 2018 on Webtoons), Hera's favorite drink is gin and tonic.
  • In the original version of episode 119, Hera calls Demeter and Hestia her sisters, but they are not related. The line confused some readers, leading Rachel to clarify on Facebook that "sisters" was "not meant in the classic blood relative way, but to convey a sense of their once-close relationship/bond". To clear up the confusion, the comic was later updated and "sisters" was changed to "friends".
    • According to the LINEWEBTOON Facebook page, Metis is the creator of Hera, Demeter and Hestia. This has yet to be confirmed in the comic.[2]
  • In Volume One of the novelization, a bonus chapter reveals that Hera rejected the fur coat Hades gave her because she saw a vision of Hades getting married. Unable to see who the future bride is, she lies and tells Hades she didn't like the coat as she felt the coat will be significant for him and his bride in the future.