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Please, I know everything.
― Hecate, Ep 49

Hecate is the Goddess of Witchcraft. She is the chief assistant to Hades at Underworld Corp, appearing to function as the director of operations. 


Hecate is a goddess with light blue skin and black eyes with yellow sclera. She has black hair in a blunt cut with bangs.  

While on Olympus, Hecate wears black business suits and jackets. Her night attire appears to consist of a black, floor-length gown with large sleeves and a cutout at the back. 

When she is in the Mortal Realm, she wears black Greek robes, a thin golden headband, and golden armbands. She occasionally has a black veil falling from her headband.


Hecate lived in the Underworld long before Hades became its ruler. When Hades took over as ruler, Hecate became his chief assistant as well as his closest friend.

One year when Hecate took time off from work to study poisonous plants in the mortal realm she stayed with Demeter and became good friends with her daughter Persephone. One night a drunken Hades visited Hecate while she was with Demeter and tried to keep him from meeting Persephone, unaware that they had already gotten acquainted with each other.


Hecate is smart and sassy, quick to make any colleagues who step out of line feel small with a short retort. She can be quite blunt and is not afraid to tell it like it is. As a worker, she is quick and efficient, keeping things running perfectly in the Underworld as Hades' right-hand woman. Hecate has a love for chaos that she originally relished in before Hades became ruler of the Underworld and appears to thrill at the prospect of punishment and retribution. She is downright giddy when she assists Hades in the punishment of a tabloid reporter, and has a "punishment shirt" for employees who make mistakes. Hecate also has a caring side. Upon seeing the tabloid article featuring Hades and Persephone, she becomes deeply worried about the reputation of the young goddess. She later comforts Hades after Minthe blows up at him, and tells Minthe she wants to help her but that she makes it hard. Hecate is very materialistic above all else, as although she enjoys relishing in chaos she loves the “creature comforts” of the Underworld more.




Hecate meets Hades.

Hecate is Hades' best friend and works as his right hand as his Chief Assistant at Underworld Corp. After he made his sacrificed to Erebos, he woke up to see Hecate by his side and entertaining Kronos while Hades rested. He soon recognized who she was, and she would ask him how it felt to be King. When talking about his sacrificed and wondering what was taken from him, Hecate looks to him with sadness seemingly knowing what was taken.

Over the years, the Underworld would go through many changes under Hades' rule and he would relay on Hecate for advice and guidance, forming their strong friendship that lasted for many centuries. Hecate has stated that despite him being a King, he will always be the earnest and shy man she met. When questioned why he never tried pursuing Hecate romantically, Hades pointed out that just because two people share the same workplace, it doesn't necessarily indicate that they are compatible.

Hades and Hecate working on the Underworld together.

In the present day, Hecate works for Hades and while still Hades' outranks her, they have a casual relationship and she can often be seen bossing him around. A year prior to the story, Hecate took time off to study in the Mortal Realm and stayed with Demeter and Persephone. One night, Hades arrived intoxicated searching for her and was led back to the Underworld by Hecate and Demeter. She would not tell him that he met Persephone the night he arrived as he seemingly forgot the whole experience. She would also hide the fact Persephone committed an act of wrath which was covered up by Demeter and Hermes.

Hecate angry at Hades.

A year later, Hecate finds a tabloid article with Persephone and Hades on the cover which greatly angers her, fearing he may have put Persephone scholarship at risk. When she comforts him, he does not deny that it was indeed Persephone. She slaps Hades and reveals her disappointment in him as she thinks he might have slept with her. After revealing that Persephone is only 19 years old and seeing Hades had no idea, he tells her how Persephone ended up in his care and that nothing happens between them.

When Hecate reveals she is friends with Persephone and has been receiving letters her ever since she left the Mortal Realm, Hades asks to read them, but Hecate tells him to get his act together and stop acting like a creep. She does, however, answer his question about Persephone's handwriting which brings him joy to learn she had flawless cursive and excellent spelling and grammar. When Persephone finds herself in Tartarus and Hades saves her, Hecate watches a live feed of the two and sees the two have genuine feelings for one another.

As the two are driving to meet Alex Petre, the paparazzi who did the article of Hades and Persephone, the two talk about Hades and Minthe deciding to have an "official" relationship. Much to his surprise, Hecate actually approves of his growing feelings for Persephone and reveals she was only upset at the beginning as she thought he might have used her young friend for sex. She jokingly teases him for wearing a pink pocket square as pink is Persephone's signature color and offers him advice, encouraging him to get to know Persephone despite his relationship. She hands him a letter that Persephone wrote to Hecate and tells him that it's ok for him to take a breath. They then turn their attention to Alex who screams at them for having a heart-to-heart chat when he's tied up to a chair. Hecate then helps Hades by listing all of the violations Alex committed and watches with glee as Hades removes his eye as punishment.

Hecate comforting Hades after Minthe's outburst.

The following day, Hecate leaves Persephone with Hades so that he could give her a tour. Alecto mentions how it's odd for her to get involved but Hecate states she's doing what's best for the Underworld. The two also comment how they looked like a married couple. Once the day is done and Minthe fails to arrive for a dinner date, Hades opens the letter Hecate gave him. After reading the letter, Hades is in shock and horrified to discovered he met Persephone before and has no memoires.

Hades is quick to call Hecate who lectures him for waking her up at 3:45 AM. The two discuss the letter and she reveals how Hades came to find her one day, but she is unaware of how he and Persephone met. She tells him to go to the Fates before hanging up on him.

After showing herself to avoid most of Hades and Minthe's usual arguments, she intervened during Minthe's intense abusive episode towards Hades which resulted in her hitting him, telling him that he was the splitting image of his father and attempt to hit him once more. Hecate comforts Hades with a hug and soon after called Hera to help him when he woke up. Despite her anger over Minthe's treatment to Hades, Hecate did not immediately fire her, knowing that it would be up to Hades how he wants to handle the situation.

When Persephone goes missing, Hades goes to her for help. After being unable to reach her, Hecate joins Hades in the search for and gives him ideas of what Persephone would do given her situation. The two go driving all over to different pawnshops and Hecate sees how worried Hades is and is quite to comfort him. The two start to remember what the Underworld was like years ago and when asked if she missed the way it was before his rule, Hecate tells him that while she misses the chaos, she enjoys the changes and having met him. He then asks why she gave him the letter and replies that she misses chaos. When they met a woman with the hair comb Hades gave Persephone, Hecate was quick to end a fight between Hades and the woman, lecturing him over embarrassing her in public.

Hades and Hecate searching for Persephone.

After the two are unable to find her, they return to work and continue their search with Eros and others. Soon after coming home, Hecate calls Hades to turn on the news as Persephone and Demeter are now being charged with treason. After a meeting with his brothers that end with Hades threatening Zeus, he finds Persephone near hibernation and brings her home where Hecate is there and waiting. She takes Persephone from him and does everything she can to help her as Hades hugs her and pleads for her to wake up. Once Persephone has woken up, Hecate puts her in bed to rest and comes out where the two briefly talk and he thanks her for her help. When Hades ask if she knew the truth about Persephone, Hecate admits to it before she leaves, and Hades decides to focus on Persephone instead.

Hecate arrives with Hades.

Not long after Persephone is settling in her new home with Hades, Hecate is visited by Demeter who came to her after the warrant was issue for her arrest. While Demeter ask if she had seen Persephone and then denied against it so Zeus couldn't torture the information out of her, Hecate is relieved to not answer the question as she knows that Persephone is not only safe but happy with Hades. Hecate later visits the new couple in their true forms, transforms herself, and discover Persephone unintentionally turned Minthe into a plant. Being unable to break the curse herself, she states that the two are now responsible for Minthe's wellbeing and then tells the two she met Demeter, much to Persephone's shock. As Hades gives the women time to talk, they discuss Demeter's future anger when she discovers the truth about Persephone and Hades.

As the trial begins, Hecate arrives with Hades as he plans on standing against Zeus. After discovering Apollo is petitioning Zeus for Persephone's hand in marriage and dropping Persephone off to speak to her mother, Hecate stops Hades on his way to speak to Zeus. While understanding his anger, she warns him to not lose his temper. Hecate would later join Hera in an unknown location and watch the trial as it unfolds.


Hecate with Demeter and Persephone in the mortal realm

A year prior to Persephone moving to Olympus, Hecate took time off of work to study poisonous plants in the Mortal Realm and would stay with Persephone and her mother, Demeter. Ever since, the two have sent letters to each other. In one letter, Persephone writes to Hecate and mentions that she misses her company very much and regrets that she had to cut her visit short. Hecate would keep this letter and later give to Hades which only confused him as it reveals the couple had met prior to the party, something Hecate was well aware of but never mentioned to him. Hecate was also aware of Persephone's act of wrath, keeping it a secret from everyone, including Hades.

When Hecate found a newspaper article about Hades and Persephone which showed Persephone leaving his house the morning after the party, she angrily confronts Hades about the events and tells him that she is not only 19 years old, but the article would hurt her reputation and scholarship. Despite her initial anger at the idea Hades might have slept with her young friend, Hecate is able to see that the two are forming a strong bond. With Persephone interning at Underworld Corp, the two of them reunite and continue their friendship and Hecate starts to push Hades and Persephone together so they can get to know each other more. Alecto would point out how it's unlike Hecate to get involved but Hecate states she's doing what's best for the Underworld, meaning she believes Persephone is what is best for Hades and their realm.

Hecate helps Persephone.

When Persephone goes missing, Hades goes to Hecate who tries to reach her through her cellphone. Soon after, she joins Hades for the search and comforts him when seeing just how worried he is. When Zeus places a warrant out for Persephone and Demeter, Hecate, along with many others are in shock. Soon after, Hades would find her near hibernation and Hecate would do everything she could to help Persephone wake up and watched on as Hades pleaded with her to wake up. Once she woke up, Hecate would help Persephone in bed and promised Hades that she had no issue facing Zeus in regard to Persephone. Hecate would also leave Persephone cloths for her to change into when she felt better.

After seeing Demeter in the Underworld, Hecate would find Hades and Persephone trying to undo a curse Persephone accidently inflicted on Minthe that turned her into a plant. The two would talk and Hecate shares Persephone's concerns about telling Demeter that she is in the Underworld and living with Hades. Hecate also starts to believe Demeter's theory that Persephone is indeed a fertility goddess but decides to do research on it herself. Afterwards she hands Persephone a card to see a therapist to help her recalibrate how she sees herself and regain control.

As the trial for Persephone begins, Hecate arrives with Hades. Later on, Hecate join Hera in an unknown location and watch the trial as it unfolds and show concern over Persephone standing up to Demeter by stating she would not return to the Mortal Realm but stay in the Underworld.


Demeter confides in Hecate.

The two goddesses have worked together for some time, enough to the point where Demeter allowed Hecate to be around Persephone, and the two bringing a drunk Hades back to her temple so he could sleep it off. Hecate is also the first-person Demeter goes to after going on the run from Zeus, revealing her reasonings behind sheltering her daughter.

Demeter opens up to Hecate over Persephone being Fertility Goddess which Hecate first believes is nothing more than a myth bit after some times, considers the possibility after witnessing the curse Persephone put on Minthe. Like Persephone, Hecate is aware of how Demeter would react when she discovers Persephone's relationship with Hades and claims to not envy the situation Persephone is in.

Hecate and Demeter would meet again as Demeter and Persephone's trial begins. When Demeter refuses for Hades to act as her lawyer, Hecate goes to her side to give her support but Demeter snaps at her, furious to discover a relationship forming between Persephone and Hades as she trusted her to watch Persephone.



Hecate is Minthe's superior. Minthe shows high respect, bordering on fear, for Hecate. She quickly gets her act together when prompted to by Hecate and will begrudgingly do things if Hecate asks. Hecate is patient with Minthe and was willing to help her out in the past. However, after Minthe's outburst, Hecate finds Minthe's actions towards Hades deplorable and temporarily suspends her from her job. She tells Minthe that she wants to help her, but that Minthe makes it difficult. 


Although they appear to get along as coworkers, as Thanatos' superior, Hecate doesn't hesitate to knock him down a peg if he is out of line. She appears exasperated when he acts overly proud and conceited. She is smug when telling Thanatos that the woman he cut in front of at the train station happened to be the Goddess Persephone. Hecate later punishes Thanatos by making him wear the punishment t-shirt.


Although only seen interacting once, it's likely the two get along. She was teasing Hecate for being a matchmaker. The two were looking at Persephone and Hades from a distance, commenting on how they looked like a married couple. When the trial for Persephone begins, Hecate warns Hades not to lose his temper with Zeus but Alecto cheers him on instead, much to Hecate's annoyance.

Powers Abilities

  • As the Goddess of Magic, Hecate has knowledge of a multitude of spells and curses. She has the power to reverse most spells but is unable to remove Persephone's spell on Minthe due to its nature as a curse.
  • Hecate appears to be able to manipulate water. She is able to move it telekinetically and change its temperature.
  • Hecate can teleport within and between realms.
  • Hecate appears to have the power to fly or levitate.
  • Like most Gods, Hecate has the power to change her form. Her true form has 3 heads and 6 arms. Her heads can perform impossible movements, such as flipping upside down. An inverted crescent also floats above her in this form.
  • Hecate can materialize objects such as business cards. She can also materialize a change of clothes.



  • Rachel Smythe has stated in a Q&A that if she could have any powers of any God, she would have Hecates'.
  • Hecate is older than Hades.[1]
  • Hecate is asexual & aromantic, as she has no interest in sexual or romantic relationships.[2]
  • According to the QnA 2018 (Webtoons), Hecate's favorite drink is short black.
  • She first appears in Episode 33.
  • Hecate has a "Painite" debit card. Painites are a rare and expensive mineral, once considered the rarest gemstone in the world. This appears to be a parody of banking companies naming some debit cards after gemstones, e.g., Chase's Sapphire. Her card number is 5534 9999 0504 20395 09340.[3]