"Do I look like a scoundrel to you?" ― Hades to Persephone, Episode 8

Hades is the God and King of the Underworld, the head of Underworld Corp and a member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty.


Hades is very tall with broad shoulders and a sharp, long nose. He has azure skin and ivory white and blue toned hair. He wears his hair short, but in the Mortal Realm it becomes longer. His eyes are black, and are often illustrated with different colored irises depending on his mood (most frequently red.) He has a muscular physique and trails of white scars crisscross his upper body.

While in the Underworld, Hades usually wears formal attire consisting of black business suits, slacks, and a white button-up dress shirt with a sable tie. For outerwear, Hades wears a black pea coat. His sleepwear consists of a shawl and boxers.

In the Mortal Realm, Hades wears long Greek robes in dark blue and gray.


Hades was born over 2,000 years ago in the Mortal Realm, specifically in the region of Sicily. Born Aidoneus, he was the eldest son of the Titans Rhea and Cronus. A prophecy was foretold by Gaia that the young god would become a threat to his father's rule; as such, Cronus sought to get rid of his son before that time came. He allowed his wife, Rhea, to spend at least 5-6 years with the young Aidoneus before he became impatient and took him from her. During the few years they had together, Aidoneus became very close to Rhea, and she continually doted on her son. At some point, Hades also met the Titan Goddess of the Night, Nyx, who was especially fond of him. On Aidoneus' sixth birthday, Cronus decided that Rhea had had enough time with their son, and came to take him away. Rhea told her son to run and desperately tried distracting Cronus in an attempt to protect Aidoneus, but the Titan was not fooled and found the boy immediately. Without any hesitation, he captured his son and devoured him whole.

Aidoneus was eventually released from Cronus after 13 years alone. He sustained heavy injuries and did not speak for a long while after. This experience was deeply traumatic for him, to the point where he suffers from nightmares of Cronus in the present day.

Before the war against the Titans, a badly injured Aidoneus, recovering from his imprisonment, was apparently left in the care of Metis. It was around this time that Aidoneus first met Hera, who was shy and not used to being away from her sisters for long. Hera was tasked by Metis to help tend to the wounded god's injuries. Scared at first, the young goddess slowly began to help Aidoneus with his bandages, speaking to him and acknowledging that he had been alone for 13 years. Although in pain, the injured god gently caressed her face. Smiling at him, she moved towards him and the two shared a kiss. It was this event that sparked the relationship between them.

Eventually, Aidoneus joined a rebel force against the tyranny of the Titans, known in the present day as the 6 Traitors Dynasty. Alongside his younger brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, and the three goddesses Hera, Demeter, and Hestia, Aidoneus helped dismantle the rule of the Titans and aided in the imprisonment of his father in Tartarus.

After the war, Aidoneus and Hera's relationship came to an end. This was evidently due to the actions of Zeus, who liked Hera and was jealous of their relationship. There are implications that this was also the reason why Aidoneus was assigned the rule of the Underworld. Even so, Aidoneus and Hera apparently still held feelings for each other, even after the latter married Zeus. Other than Hera, there was Hestia, who Hades genuinely liked. But because she took a vow of celibacy, romantically pursuing her was out of the question. That left Demeter, the goddess he got along with the least. Hades recalls that the two of them argued about practically everything. Upon being assigned to the Underworld, Hades spent long hours and many days running it. He ultimately became so busy, that he had little time for romance, and stopped trying altogether. Around the time he became ruler of the Underworld, Aidoneus adopted Cerberus, then a young puppy, who gave him company during his time there.

As Ruler of the Underworld and due to his striking resemblance to the his father, Hades grew a reputation in the mortal realm and Olympus as a dark entity. Mortals started calling Aidoneus by the name Hades, which meant "Unseen One." Eventually everyone, even his family, started calling him by this name.

A Bolt for the Blue

After being stood up by his nymph girlfriend Minthe, Hades was forced to attend his brother Zeus’ 1,500th Panathenaea by himself, though he felt awkward having to attend stag, while his family all had dates. After some playful mocking from his brothers, Hades noticed a pink goddess with Artemis and became immediately smitten with her. Zeus introduces her as Persephone: Goddess of Spring and Demeter’s daughter. This surprises Hades as he never knew Demeter had a daughter and wonders why he has never heard of her to which Zeus explains that Demeter chose to raise Persephone in the mortal realm because she believes Zeus is morally corrupt. While admiring her beauty Hades comments that she is more beautiful than Aphrodite, oblivious to Aphrodite standing right behind him when he said this. Wanting to approach her without Artemis interfering, Zeus helps Hades by distracting Artemis so he can be alone with her. Unfortunately Hades could not find Persephone and feeling embarrassed, decided to return home.

Once he arrived home Hades noticed Persephone passed out in the back of his car. Hades brings her in and lets her sleep in his guest room. Persephone asks Hades not to tell her mother that she got drunk which Hades promises.

The next morning while preparing himself for the day, Hades hears his dog Cerberus barking in the distance and rushes to find him about to attack Persephone. Just as he was about to intervene, Persephone manages to tame the gatekeeper of the underworld by playfully petting him, much to the surprise and envy of Hades. After scolding Cerberus, Hades helps Persephone off the ground which makes her spawn a crown of blue flowers, embarrassing herself. Persephone asks Hades if he has something she could borrow as she feels too cold with the dress she was wearing. Hades in return gifts her a fur coat he intended to give to Hera. Persephone at first declines the gift until Hades insists she can keep it as neither he or Hera want to wear it. When asked how she looked with the coat, Hades, while blushing, remarked that she looked sufficient and offers her coffee.

While making her a pot, Persephone notices Hades phone receiving a call from Minthe. Hades tries to brush her off as a nymph he associates with but Persephone correctly deduces that Minthe is his lover.



Hades and Persephone first met in the Mortal Realm, although Hades does not remember this meeting. After drunkenly traveling there in order to visit Hecate, who was visiting at the time, Hades is left unattended in a room on Demeter's property. Persephone sneaks in through a window to see him, taking the form of a butterfly. Persephone is surprised that Hades is not as scary as she thought, and in response, Hades ends up frightening Persephone badly enough that she returns to her normal form and lands on him with only dissolved butterflies covering her. The two then have an exchange, during which Persephone desperately inquires as to whether Hades can return mortals from the dead. Hades responds that he cannot, and Persephone continues to plead with him before ultimately fleeing when she hears Demeter coming, to Hades' disappointment. Hades ends up inquiring about the pink goddess he encountered. Demeter initially tries to deny he saw a goddess, being protective over Persephone. When Hades is insistent at what he saw, and wonders out loud if she is available to be courted, Demeter suddenly encourages him to drink more, presumably in order to cause Hades to blackout and not remember the encounter.

Hades and Persephone officially meet after the Panathenaea held at Zeus and Hera's. Upon seeing Persephone in the crowd, Hades is smitten, and asks Zeus who she is and why he has never seen her before. After Zeus explains that Demeter raised Persephone in the Mortal Realm, Hades remarks to his brothers that Persephone's beauty puts Aphrodite's to shame. The brothers encourage Hades to go talk to her, which he attempts to do. Unbeknownst to Hades, however, a jealous Aphrodite overheard his comment and has plotted to have her son Eros intoxicate Persephone and put her in Hades's car. Hades is flustered after being unable to find Persephone in the crowd, and decides to head home. When he arrives, he discovers Persephone in his backseat. He carefully brings her inside his home and settles her in his guest room. When Persephone wakes up the next morning, the two talk and quickly form a connection. Hades gives her a jacket that was meant for Hera and even allows her to drive one of his cars, which he doesn't let anyone do. From then on, the pair have a very close, flirtatious relationship.

Hades seems to always feel relaxed and happy in Persephone's company. In a letter he writes to her but never plans on sending, he tells her how he loves how she makes him feel. Her kind and thoughtful nature and the genuine attention he receives from her make him quickly develop feelings for her. This translates into how he acts when around her, tending to be caring and sweet, sometimes timid, and occasionally fiercely protective. He begins to add to a drawer full of gifts from Persephone or things that remind him of Persephone.

Although he deeply cares for the Goddess of Spring, Hades is scared of his feelings and hesitates to act upon them due to his complicated relationship with a nymph named Minthe. Due to his poor luck with relationships, he is unsure what true love feels like, and as a result is uncertain if he genuinely loves Persephone or is just infatuated with her. He is also concerned that he will hurt her due to his emotional baggage and her selfless personality, understanding that a relationship with him is a lot to put on someone so young. Due to these uncertainties, Hades decides it is best to keep his distance from her, although he struggles to do so.

As the story progresses, Hades finds it more and more difficult to stay away from Persephone, especially when Hera pulls strings to land Persephone an internship in the Underworld. He desperately attempts another go at a committed relationship with Minthe in an attempt to distance himself from his feelings for Persephone.

At the end of Episode 75, a still image produced by the Fates shows Persephone as Queen of the Underworld, revealing that the two will eventually get married.

As Hades come to terms with his feelings, he eventually decides to end ties with Minthe. She jealously tells him he is too messed up to pursue Persephone, to which Hades responds that regardless of whether he and Persephone work out, his relationship with Minthe is over.

In Episode 110, Hades finally admits to Persephone that he wants her, and the two share a kiss.


Hera is Hades' sister-in-law and former fling. They get along very well, though as Hebe points out, Hera may sometimes take her frustrations with Zeus out on Hades. When she learns of her brother-in-law's attraction to Persephone, she initially disapproves, but after some consideration, she decides to secretly test him to see if he is suitable for Persephone. When Hades passes, Hera decides to encourage and support the relationship.

It is revealed that before the war against the Titans, Hera and Hades had mutual feelings for each other, and were apparently in a relationship that came to an end because of Zeus. It is also implied that they both held a candle for each other even after centuries had passed. Because of Zeus' constant infidelity, Hera, in retaliation, had a long-term sexual affair with Hades. They ultimately ended the affair during the "80's" (most likely sometime before Hades met Minthe).


Minthe is Hades' personal assistant and ex-girlfriend. Hades had consistently been in a very conflicting state of mind with Minthe. The two had a very toxic relationship, where they would share moments of affection which would be severely counterbalanced by constant fighting. Hades would frequently buy Minthe expensive gifts, including her apartment. However, Minthe's commitment issues and insecurities caused her to be verbally abusive towards Hades. It appears that Hades stayed with Minthe because he believed he was undeserving of a true relationship built on trust and love.

When Hades meets Persephone and glimpses what a real healthy relationship would look like, he begins to drift away from Minthe. Minthe, jealous and suddenly frightened of Hades leaving her, shows up at Hades' home and begs him to continue their relationship, claiming that they are meant to be "messed up together."

Hades decides to once again try a relationship with Minthe, largely out of guilt and to get thoughts of Persephone out of his head. However, due to the interference of a jealous Thetis, Minthe once again disappoints Hades by failing to show up to a dinner that she suggested they have. Minthe's insecurity over this incident causes her to blow up at Hades at work, verbally and even physically abusing him by telling him he is lucky she considers him, claiming he looks like his father, Cronus, and then striking him. After this event, Hades decides to end their relationship for good. He tells her that he wants to feel loved and safe every day, and that their relationship doesn't provide this for him. He does, however, allow her to keep her job and apartment out of goodwill. In response, Minthe claims that Persephone will not want Hades, as he is still just as messed up as her, and that Hades will soon come back like he always does.


Poseidon is Hades' younger brother. The two get along fairly well, despite Hades' occasional annoyance over Poseidon's reckless lifestyle and childish nature. Hades appears to be the one that picks up after Poseidon's messes, as he pays for the damage Poseidon causes at the strip club. Poseidon will often give Hades' relationship advice, and respects Hades' wishes.


Zeus is Hades' youngest brother. Most of the time, they don't see eye to eye, and Hades is frequently annoyed when Zeus demands him to tag along on his mischief. Zeus does, however, try to look out for Hades, and he is not without advice and encouragement regarding relationships. He recognizes that Hades' relationship with Minthe is unhealthy and attempts to convince his brother to leave her, telling him he shouldn't settle for just an "okay Queen of the underworld". Likewise, when Zeus confides in him late at night over his struggling relationship with Hera, Hades remains kind and supportive, recommending Zeus think on it later and try to sleep.


Hecate works for Hades at Underworld Corp, appearing to function as his director of operations. Although Hades' outranks her, they have a casual relationship and she can often be seen bossing him around. Hecate also appears to be Hades' closest friend at work. She is able to understand and sympathize with him when he reveals his romantic feelings for Persephone, despite originally becoming enraged after hearing about her overnight stay at his home. She is also willing to assist him in punishing the paparazzi responsible for the tabloid article featuring Hades and Persephone. Despite Hecate appearing to avoid most of Hades and Minthe's usual arguments, she intervened during Minthe's intense abusive episode towards Hades. Afterward, she comforted Hades with a hug.

When questioned why he never tried pursuing Hecate romantically, Hades pointed out that just because two people share the same workplace, it doesn't necessarily indicate that they are compatible.


Hades and Apollo have a mutual disdain for each other. One of the reasons that the Underworld never sees the daylight is because of Hades not wanting Apollo to enter his domain. Apollo, in return, is jealous of Hades and Persephone’s growing friendship and has tried to get between them multiple times.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hades wields a two-pronged bident. It is possible his bident can function as a weapon and that he is proficient in using it as such.
  • Hades has the ability to command the dead while wielding his bident. He was first seen using this ability on the shades in Tartarus. It is unknown, although likely, if Hades can command other shades as well.
  • When using certain abilities, Hades' appearance alters significantly. His skin turns a darker blue and his eyes glow white. This form greatly resembles Cronus, and appears to strike fear in others.
  • He appears to have some abilities relating to healing, as he was able to successfully reattach Alex's eye back into its socket.
  • He has the capability of flight.
  • He has the ability to spontaneously generate certain objects, including precious gems, a moth, and his own crown.
  • Hades has the ability to teleport, bypassing doors and walls. He first displays this ability when he follows Aphrodite into her car. When patting the ground twice, one can also summon Hades to their location. He appears to be able to tell who has summoned him when this occurs.


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  • According to Rachel, Hades stopped physically aging in his late 30s or early 40s. He’s not sure when he stopped aging because he was busy.[1]
  • Although Hades is Persephone's uncle in the original mythology, they are not related to this story. (And neither are any of the couples who were related in the original myths either.)[2]
  • He has approximately 8 dogs. (Meli, Cordon Bleu, Mushroom, Russell, J.P, Fudge, Big John, and Cerberus)
    • Persephone has good relationships with all of them, with the slight exception of Cordon Bleu.
  • Possibly has depression and most likely PTSD from being swallowed by Cronus and the Titan War; he has stated that he has insomnia and also mentions that he's in therapy.
  • He apparently loves to cook and is a good one at that.
  • He is revealed to be infertile. As such, he is incapable of having children.
  • Hades is able to take on an alternate form that greatly resembles his father, Cronus. He is evidently insecure about this, and avoids taking on this form in front of others.
  • He runs all of Olympus' banks.[3]
  • According to the 2018 LO QnA, Hades' favorite drink is scotch.[4]
  • Hades is sometimes referred to as 'Dis Pater', which roughly translates to 'Rich Father'. [5]


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