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Persephone showing her ears to show that she isn't a nymph.

Gods or Goddesses are immortal, humanoid deities in Lore Olympus, based on the real world pantheon of Greek gods. There are a number of Gods and Goddesses, and each presides over a certain aspect (or multiple aspects), which are reflected in their duties and innate powers. In Lore Olympus, the Gods have varying skin and hair colors, which sets them apart from Mortals. Like Mortals, they have rounded ears, which sets them apart from nymphs and other species that live in the Godly realms.

As the Gods have roles of varying importance, there appears to be a hierarchy among them: the three kings, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are at the top, followed by the rest of the six traitors and the Olympians. A comment by Zeus about Persephone being a "b-grade goddess" and Apollo's disdain for Thanatos being a "chthonic god" show that not all of them are on equal footing.

List of Gods and Goddesses

The Olympians

The Olympians are a group of major Gods and Goddesses who are the primary deities worshipped by mortals. They reside primarily on Olympus. In Lore Olympus, they appear to be "selected" by Zeus and other members of the royal family due to their popularity with the mortals and overall abilities. Traditionally, there are 12 Olympians.

Chthonic Deities

Chthonic deities are those that reside in the Underworld. It appears there is a stigma associated with them, as Apollo complains of Thanatos' "underworld stank."

Fertility Goddesses

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Titans and Titanesses

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Titans are also considered Gods, although they are a previous generation and are set apart from the current ruling pantheon. They also appear much larger than modern-day deities, although Leto shows that this may be a conscious choice.

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