Sideritis tea. Steeped for 3 minutes at 99.8 degree Celsius and served with a twist of lemon.
― Echo to Hera (Episode 124)

Echo is a nymph that was hired by Zeus to be Hera's assistant. She currently works at Hera's office.

Echo first appears in Episode 124.


Echo has dark, navy blue skin and hair. Her hair is cropped short. Like most nymphs, she has large, pointed ears. In her first appearance, she wears a dark blue blazer over a white, button-up dress and a pair of knee-high, black leather boots. She also wears a pair of earrings that resemble small lightbulbs on strings.


Echo is observant in her surroundings and has good instincts such as quickly interfering Apollo's visit to Hera's office.



When Echo tells Hera that Zeus hired her to be Hera's assistant, Hera tells Echo she doesn't need an assistant and almost fired her on the spot. Seeing how Echo has good instincts in tight situations such as Apollo barging into her office, she tells Echo to stay and take notes. Hera was also impressed with the tea Echo brewed for her because her previous assistants failed on brewing tea properly.


It is revealed in Episode 139 that Echo and Daphne are roommates. When Echo warns Daphne about Apollo's behavior when he barged in Hera's office to apply to marry Persephone, Daphne finds it as a misunderstanding however she kept Echo's warning in mind while heading to her date with Apollo. Echo is protective of Daphne.


Seeing Apollo barge into Hera's office, she quickly interferes and tells him that everyone needs to make an appointment to see Hera. She reminds Apollo that Hera's time is valuable and even her husband needs to make an appointment to see his wife. She challenges Apollo by asking is he more important than Zeus.



  • In Greek mythology, Echo was an Oread who resided on Mount Cithaeron. Zeus loved consorting with beautiful nymphs and often visited them on Earth. Eventually, Zeus's wife, Hera, became suspicious, and came from Mount Olympus in an attempt to catch Zeus with the nymphs. It's ironic that Hera and Echo are depicted as friends in this retelling.
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